Watch: Draymond Green’s X-rated comments on NBA official prior to ejection leaked

Draymond Green is back in the spotlight again and yes, you guessed it—he did something crazy only enhancing his notoriety. The Warriors forward made headlines multiple times this season for his over-the-top antics and brute showings.

In the game against the Orlando Magic, Draymond brought out his inner demons again which led to more controversy and numerous viral footages.

Video: Draymond Green’s NSFW rant caught on camera

After almost escaping from getting into trouble against the Miami Heat, Draymond Green got ejected in the following game after allegedly saying “Psy a ni**ga” to the game official.

During the initial minutes of the game, Paolo Banchero fouled on the Warriors’ Andrew Wiggins on his way to scoring a basket for the Magic. Green was utterly disappointed with the decision of the official to count the bucket, so he questioned the official Ray Acosta. On displeasing the official, the 4-time NBA champion received a warning in disguise of a tech foul but that didn’t stop Green from arguing.

Despite his teammates trying to pacify him, the 34-year-old didn’t cease questioning the official. Within 4 minutes of the game, Green got his second technical foul and was ejected after allegedly throwing the NSFW abuse at Acosta. He chipped in 3 rebounds and one assist.

After the game, the Warriors held onto their 10th spot in the Western Conference with the 101-93 victory as Green marked another ejection to his name.

How many times Draymond Green ejected this season?

Draymond Green has had multiple achievements in his 12-season-long career with the Golden State Warriors, but he has a catalogue of violence on the hardwood. Despite HC Steve Kerr’s appraisal of his changed behavior, the controversial player got ejected for the fourth time this season.

The Warriors forward got ejected from a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Nov. 11 after getting two technical fouls. A few days later on Nov. 14 Draymond’s infamous neck-to-neck battle with Rudy Gobert came into the public eye. In a game against the Minnesota Timberwolves, Green choked the Wolves center, leading to a 5-game suspension.

While by this time one would think that Green reached the limit, he showed his violent side again when he faced the Phoenix Suns. The former DPOY hit Suns’ center Jusuf Nurkic, resulting in a 12-game suspension. Green continued his on-court altercations which might not have suspended or ejected him but surely brought him under the scrutiny of the NBA community.

With his 22nd career ejection, Draymond is just behind the technical foul expert Rasheed Wallace (29). However, the way he is proceeding, the 34-year-old could end up putting his name at the top of the list by the end of his NBA career.

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