Stephen Jackson paid the price after losing to Michael Jordan in Hornets practice: “wants all the All-Star calls”

Jordan took control of the then-Charlotte Bobcats in 2010 after initially acquiring a share of the team in 2006. The franchise eventually adopted the name Charlotte Hornets in May 2014. Jordan sold the majority stake in the franchise earlier this year, bringing an end to his 13-year tenure.

In a unique event that occurred during Jordan’s ownership, a former Hornets star revealed the day the franchise owner taught one of the former Hornets stars, Stephen Jackson, a lesson during a practice.

Jordan taught Jackson lesson in practice

As the Hornets’ season opener approaches on Wednesday night, it signifies the official end of the Michael Jordan era. In tribute to Jordan’s remarkable 13-year ownership, Mike Vorkunov of The Athletic compiled a heap of stories from former Hornets players.

Among them, former Hornets swingman Gerald Henderson fondly remembered a time when Jordan engaged with the team’s second unit during a practice session. What stood out was not only his skill on the court but also his penchant for engaging in spirited trash talk with Stephen Jackson.

Michael Jordan
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Henderson recalled a day when the Hornets were struggling in practice, and Jordan decided to step in. With his practice gear on, Jordan boldly proclaimed, “I’m gonna come up there and kick y’all ass.”

He joined the second team’s scrimmages, which included players like Henderson, Derrick Brown, and D.J. Augustin. Despite not having the same quickness and jumping ability as in his prime, Jordan displayed his signature work ethic and trash-talk.

The moment that left a lasting impression was when Jordan hit the game-winning shot and responded to Stephen Jackson’s complaint about a foul call. Jordan quipped, “The MFer ain’t never been an All-Star but wants all the All-Star calls,” leaving everyone in awe of his competitive spirit and ability to deliver impactful life lessons.

Hornets start off post-Jordan era with win

After a remarkable 13-year era with Michael Jordan as the majority owner, the Charlotte Hornets embarked on a new chapter as they kicked off their post-Jordan ownership period. The franchise had witnessed its ups and downs during Michael Jordan’s ownership, with limited playoff success, but Jordan’s influence extended far beyond wins and losses.

Michael Jordan
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The Hornets entered this new era with a game, and despite the absence of Michael Jordan as their majority owner, they marked the transition with a victory. The team started their post-Jordan era on a positive note, highlighting their resilience and ability to adapt to change.

While Michael Jordan’s ownership tenure was marked by challenges and limited success on the court, the team’s victory in this pivotal game signified a new beginning for the Charlotte Hornets, carrying the hopes and aspirations of their devoted fan base.

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