Why did the NBA strip Suns 2nd round pick after reportedly tampering for Drew Eubanks? Investigating the true cause

During the offseason, the Phoenix Suns negotiated with several players who had limited options but were only able to reach an agreement with former Spur and Trail Blazer, Drew Eubank, which went almost unnoticed in the league.

The Suns’ happiness at having secured the services of the powerful forward, Drew Eubank, now seems jeopardized. The Suns were accused of tampering earlier after the deal was struck for the 2nd round pick. However, after NBA investigations were concluded, a severe penalty has been imposed on the Suns.

Why did NBA strip the Suns’ 2nd round pick?

The Suns during the offseason decided to reinforce their team with the addition of powerful forward Drew Eubank after they traded for it from Orlando which was originally the Nuggets’ pick. The NBA has found the Suns guilty of tampering as a result of the trade.

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According to a post on X by NBA Central, the NBA’s decision to strip the Suns of their second-round pick was made known. The post had the caption “The NBA is taking away a 2nd round pick from the Suns for tampering with Drew Eubank.”

However, the Suns issued a response and the statement read, “We are disappointed with the results of the NBA investigation. If there was a violation, it was inadvertent. We are focused on complying with league rules and competing at the highest level every year. With that being said, we accept the penalty from the league and are focused on looking forward to this season.”

According to the NBA, the Suns, who were found guilty of establishing a trade conversation with Eubank at restricted time, are now liable to pay the sum of up to $10 million as the fine stated for tampering situations for a team.

Details on Drew Eubanks trade to Suns

The Phoenix Suns performed an overhaul in its roster over the summer which saw them securing the services of Drew Eubank. According to a report by the Athletic’s Shams Charania, the 26-year-old agreed a two-year contract with a player option worth $5 million with the Phoenix Suns.

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Drew Eubank, 6-foot-9, who came off the bench for the Suns in their season opener victory over the Golden State Warriors, managed to average 4 points, 7 rebounds, and 3 blocks, will most likely be used as a reserve center behind Nurkic, which raises questions behind his signing by the Suns. What’s your opinion on the future of Drew Eubank at the Suns?

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