Terrell Owens car assault: accused charged with felony counts over heated altercation

Often, NFL athletes are the subject of fan adoration and altercations with over-the-top supporters. In fact, the players have to be given training by their respective franchises on how to wiggle their way out of these tough situations and avoid interactions with such fans as much as possible.

However, in some cases, NFL athletes still become the victims of non-law-abiding behavior and must pay the price of being popular. That is exactly what happened with former NFL player Terrell Owens, as he was involved in a car assault attempt.

Terrell Owens attacker charged after car accident

Last year, in 2023, Terrell Owens found himself in an altercation while playing basketball with friends. In this case, a player who had argued earlier with Owens on the court hit him with a car driven by them. Wonzur Ratcliff had been arrested by law enforcement agents later on and accused of assault with a deadly weapon.

Law enforcement officials said the incident happened after an argument broke out between Ratcliff and Owens, who were playing at a court near Calabasas, California. Despite the confrontation, Owens wasn’t harmed enough to seek medical attention.

According to TMZ, Terrell Owens never directly spoke about the event, but he alluded to it in an Instagram post two days later as he shared highlights from the game that led to the fight and talked about his right to defend himself. As of now, no date has been set for Ratcliff’s trial, but he has been charged with two separate felony counts.

Terrell Owens backs himself in NFL even at 50

In a recent interview, Owens talked about how he is still a viable option for playoff teams across the country at 50 years of age. He said, “It’s all about the condition that you put yourself in. I’ve been able to take care of my body.

“If you think about the playoffs, a lot of these games are won by third downs and obviously red-zone situations. Could I go out and play 70 snaps right now? Absolutely not. But I’d be a viable option if I were on the team, that’s for sure,” he continued.

What are your thoughts on the felony charges pressed by Terrell Owens against Wonzur Ratcliff? Do you think it is a bit of an overreaction when Owens wasn’t even hurt? Let us know in the comments below.


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