Max Verstappen’s sweet birthday message to dad turned sour after criticism from F1 fans: “Gonna cost you the title”

Max Verstappen, despite reigning as a three-time world champion and showcasing dominance over fellow drivers on the grid, holds a special place in his heart for his father, Jos Verstappen. The Dutch sensation credits Jos as one of the key factors contributing to his flourishing success.

However, some fans have transformed this heartfelt sentiment into criticism, expressing concerns that his father may now develop as a huge obstacle to Verstappen’s career progression.

Max Verstappen wishes Dad Jos a happy birthday!

Max Verstappen has shown a sweet gesture to his father, Jos Verstappen, who was a former motorsports driver before his retirement. However, some fans have converted this car’s expression into a wave of criticism due to the 52-year-old’s mediocre image in the Formula 1 industry.

The father-son duo has spoken in multiple interviews, expressing each other’s importance; however, in some instances, Jos has also spoken about the critical treatment Verstappen had to endure during his childhood for a bright future, which has triggered spectators throughout the world as they labelled it as “abusive” behaviour.

Certain F1 analysts have highlighted Jos’s conduct, suggesting that he seeks to fulfill his own unattained aspirations through his son, which has greatly affected the Red Bull driver, despite him not acknowledging it publicly.

Fans speculate Jos likely to ruin Max Verstappen’s career

Recently, Jos has also expressed negative sentiments towards the Red Bull team’s principal’s tenure at the team. Christian Horner has been the centre of controversy due to his accused behaviour of assaulting his female employee. This has also tarnished the reputation of the Formula One team to some extent. Despite the team boss repeatedly denying the ongoing speculations against him, Jos Verstappen has claimed that the entire team is struggling solely due to one individual, which seemed “unfair” to him.

However, the media has strongly criticised his viewpoint, pointing to his prior mistreatment of Verstappen as evidence that he is not qualified to question Christian Horner’s decisions. Some have suggested that the 26-year-old should publicly separate himself from his father, cautioning that failing to do so could harm his career prospects.

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