LA FC goalkeeper Hugo Lloris credits $8bn GTA V franchise for his familiarity with Los Angeles

Hugo Lloris is enjoying his new career in Major League Soccer since signing for Los Angeles FC last December. The longtime French goalkeeper for Tottenham was allowed to leave for free in the middle of the season after many years of service.

Soccer stars are just like us in many ways, and Lloris is also one of them. They love to play video games, especially EA FC, Football Manager or other games in general. Cristiano Ronaldo even recently invested a lot of money in a new, upcoming soccer game. Lloris, however, has hugely benefited from playing one certain game.

Hugo Lloris shares his GTA-based expertise of Los Angeles

Hugo Lloris recently stated that he felt comfortable setting himself up in his new home in Los Angeles. And he revealed that the reason is because he already knows the area, though not from real life experience. He revealed that playing the popular video game Grand Theft Auto 5 has helped him out a lot.

In an interview with French media outlet L’Equipe, he said, “As for the population, it seems to be growing with every move, but I think we’ll stop here. The film industry, Dr. Dre, GTA… I’ve played this game so much on PlayStation that I felt like I knew all the landmarks, streets, and corners of the city, even though I’ve never been here.”

The video game which has grossed over $8 billion since it’s release in 2013 remains one of the most popular video games even now. The game depicts the fictional city of San Andreas which in reality is based on the real life of Los Angeles. And perhaps that is why Lloris has managed to perfectly adapt to his new city.

Hugo Lloris is one of the four World Cup winners currently playing in MLS

Many soccer superstars have played in the MLS, such as Thierry Henry, Pele, Lothar Matthaus, and Andrea Pirlo, among many others. Hugo Lloris is only the newest addition to that list of European soccer stars. However, he is also part of a unique group as he is only one of 4 World Cup-winning players to be in the MLS.

He was the starting goalkeeper and captain of the French national team when they won the 2018 World Cup, and he even led them to the runner-up position in 2022. And it is the other captain who defeated him in 2022—Argentine captain Lionel Messi. He made a historic move to Inter Miami last summer and has already done great things with them.

Another Argentine player is Thiago Almada at Atlanta United, who was in Messi’s World Cup winning squad. He is one of the best young players in the MLS and is linked to a move to Europe soon.

The fourth one is Sergio Busquets, who was part of the legendary 2010 World Cup-winning Spain team. He now shares the pitch with Messi at Inter Miami as well. Jordi Alba was unfortunately not on that same Spanish team so he doesn’t qualify.

Hugo Lloris will now focus on his next game with LAFC against Sporting KC on Sunday and hope for a win and a good start in the US.

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