Why does Charlie Dempsey not use his father William Regal’s surname?

WWE’s NXT brand boasts an impressive roster of rising superstars, and Charlie Dempsey is one of them. Despite the brand’s continued success, Dempsey’s lineage as the son of WWE legend William Regal is not being promoted.

The Hall of Famer had changed his name from Bailey Matthews to avoid using the “Regal” surname. However, he has finally admitted that the rising star of NXT is his actual son. He made this revelation while announcing a significant moment in his son’s career.

Why doesn’t Charlie Dempsey use William Regal’s surname?

Charlie Dempsey, son of WWE legend William Regal, goes by a different name than his father’s surname. WWE fans have been curious about why he has not used his family name for some time. Bailey Matthews is his real name, but WWE gave him the in-ring name Dempsey instead.

Many fans of NXT expected him to carry on the Regal name and make his family proud. Although he has been successful in the ring, there is a reason why he uses a different name.

As per a report from the “Wrestling Observer Newsletter,” WWE had asked Charlie Dempsey not to use his real name at the request of William Regal. Regal did not want to put any additional pressure on his son by associating him with the weight of his name.

In addition, during his early days as a WWE superstar, Dempsey’s relationship with his WWE legend father was kept under wraps. This was done to give him the freedom to pursue his career without any burdensome expectations that come with being connected to his father.

Charlie Dempsey set to challenge for AJPW title

WWE has a special connection with the world of wrestling, and as they expand their reach, they are developing relationships with other promotions. Recently, an NXT Superstar has signed with All Japan Pro Wrestling and is set to compete for the Triple Crown title. The identity of the superstar was not known until a recent massive revelation video from one WWE legend.

In a recent video uploaded on the AJPW X account, William Regal spoke about his achievements in Japan and his connection with Japanese wrestling. He shared how he brought the tradition of British wrestling to Japan and how a new generation is now taking over. Regal also made a big announcement in the video, revealing that his son Charlie Dempsey will travel from NXT to AJPW. While this was already known to many, it was the first time Regal publicly acknowledged that Dempsey was his son.

“Hello to all the fans of All Japan Pro Wrestling. I’m Lord Steven Regal, sometimes known as William Regal, who works for the WWE and NXT. I had a wonderful time in the 90s wrestling in Japan. I wrestled some of the greatest wrestlers of all time, including Mr. Tatsumi Fujinami and Mr. Antonio Inoki. Well, now there’s a new generation of European wrestlers that will continue the great European style that was a huge part of Japanese wrestling.”

“My trainer, Marty Jones, was trained by the legendary Billy Robinson. My mentor, Johnny Saint, was also trained by Billy Robinson. My other mentor, Pete Roberts, is a regular for All Japan Pro Wrestling. And now I’m sending to you what I consider the best up-and-coming wrestler of the old traditional European and Lancashire styles to All Japan Pro Wrestling. And that is Charlie Dempsey.”

“And this is the first time that I’m telling people in public that Charlie Dempsey is my son. Charlie has been traveling the world for the last seven years, honing his craft to continue the great legacy of Lancashire-style wrestling. I know that he’s going to come to All Japan Pro Wrestling and show everybody exactly how good he is and how the great traditions of European wrestling will continue in Japan. Thank you very much indeed.” said William Regal.

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