“Tom Brady turning to OnlyFans to make up for FTX losses”: Tom Terrific’s latest endeavor sparks hilarious reactions across the NFL universe

Tom Brady is a name synonymous with only success in the NFL circuit. In a league where quarterbacks get trouble in securing a permanent spot in the roster, the ex-NFL star dominated his position like no one else. Though some fans compare TB12 with other legendary quarterbacks, barely any of them deny his dominance on the field.

Though Brady has retired from the league, the sports enthusiasts still crave for a glimpse of the signal-caller on the field, which is very unlikely to happen. However, Tom Terrific has decided to stay close with his fans by continuing his foray into back-to-back business moves.

Tom Brady’s motorboat trademark sparks hilarious reactions

Tom Brady continues to forge new paths beyond the gridiron. The California Cool has once again showcased his coolness by declaring his venture into the realm of live entertainment services, filing for a trademark with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office. This trademark seeks to encapsulate “entertainment services in the nature of live motorboat performances.”

This expansion comes as no surprise considering the trend set by other sports icons like Peyton Manning, who successfully ventured into entertainment with Omaha Productions.

The NFL community rallied in the social media to provide their take on TB12’s latest business move. Some fans hilariously linked the new venture to Brady’s FTX venture.

The former NFL star invested $30 million in FTX, along with his former wife Gisele Bündchen. The couple went through a loss of $48 million after it collapsed, albeit it was later revealed that Brady was already paid $55 million as part of the deal.

However, fans will not move on from the blow anytime soon as many users of the crypto held the ex-NFL star and some other celebrities associated with the company for being less attentive in “marketing these FTX products to the public.”

A person wrote, “Brady turning to OnlyFans to make up for the FTX losses.”

A netizen wrote,”Another scam ?”

This expansion comes as no surprise considering the trend set by other sports icons like Peyton Manning, who successfully ventured into entertainment with Omaha Productions. However, many netizens simply didn’t like the logo of the QB’s new venture.

A user wrote,”I could have made this in 10 mins for 150$.”

Tom Brady’s foray into the business world extends beyond entertainment. In May 2023, he acquired a minority stake in the Las Vegas Raiders, albeit the finalization of his stake in the football team remains pending. In March 2023, he expanded his portfolio by becoming a part owner of the WNBA team, Las Vegas Aces. Besides that, the ex-NFL star’s diverse interests led him to co-found the Major League pickleball team, the Las Vegas Night Owls.

These ventures are just fragments of TB12’s expansive entrepreneurial empire. He boasts a sports nutrition and supplements brand, TB12, along with a sportswear line named “Brady”, which launched a new collection days ago. Besides that, he was involved in production companies, Religion of Sports and 199 Productions, established with former football player Michael Strahan.

Brady announces new career venture with baseball connection

Tom Brady has joined hands with Fanatics and Topps to unveil an extraordinary set of baseball cards titled the Bowman Draft 2023. Among these collectibles is a standout: a Brady rookie card featured alongside real MLB prospects. Fanatics marked December 12th as “Brady Day,” a celebration that launched a special lineup of collectible baseball cards to showcase the NFL legend’s connection to the world of baseball.

The collaboration’s centerpiece, a commercial for trading card company Topps, showcases the ex-NFL star’s imaginative venture into a life as an MLB star. The ad portrays a fascinating narrative where he explores the alternate reality of being a renowned MLB player.

The commercial starts by showcasing the signal-caller’s Brasserie, a fictional bar in Montreal adorned with newspaper clippings highlighting his fictitious achievements as a one-time hitting catcher. Amidst this setting, a local customer orders “two poutines with extra Tommy,” to highlight his significance in the Quebec community.

TB12, portrayed as a retired baseball player, stars in a car dealership commercial, humorously referencing his experience catching Expos fastballs while pitching MLB savings at “Brady Auto.”

The advertisement takes a turn by featuring a box of cereal named “Frosted Exp-O’s” with the veteran donning a catcher’s uniform on the cover. The commercial playfully concludes with him awakening from this surreal dream, greeted by his Expos trading card strategically placed beside an alarm clock reading 12:12, perfectly aligning with the symbolic “Brady Day.”

Interestingly, the intriguing tale presented in the ad reminisces about Tom Brady’s baseball journey, once drafted by the Montreal Expos as the 507th overall pick in the 1995 MLB Draft. Despite his commitment to Michigan for football, there lingered a slim possibility of him venturing into a career in baseball. However, he was later drafted by the New England Patriots, and built up a golden dynasty there.


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