UEFA President Aleksander Ceferin wants to bin the self-created rule to prolong office stay

The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) serves as the principal governing body of the European soccer ecosystem, overseeing all 55 UEFA-associated member countries across the continent. This organization is responsible for regulating the game, organizing tournaments, and implementing reforms.

Recently, UEFA announced a new Champions League format for next year, which alters the competition’s existing structure to expand it across various parameters. While fans have expressed skepticism, UEFA chief Aleksander Ceferin is additionally facing criticism for his intention to maintain his position by modifying the rules.

Aleksander Ceferin wants to scrap UEFA rule

Aleksander Ceferin currently serves as the president of the European Football Association, having been elected in 2016 for his first term. He succeeded the former French icon Michel Platini, who, alongside FIFA president Sepp Blatter, was banned from all sport-related activities over a corruption scandal.

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The Slovenian assumed office as Platini’s successor and was appointed Vice President of FIFA, serving under the presidency of Gianni Infantino. Following his appointment, he introduced various reforms in the organization’s operations, one of them being the regulation to limit the term of the Chief to three terms.

Back then, while introducing new reforms to limit the term of the presidency, the 56-year-old himself implemented these changes, stating, “These changes are essential if we are to rebuild our image, restore our credibility, and strengthen our legitimacy.”

However, in their latest draft, the former President of the Slovenia Football Association, Aleksander ÄŚeferin, is seeking to make amendments to extend his term, which is set to expire in 2027. ÄŚeferin, currently serving his third term after two previous successful tenures, is considering staying beyond this period for another term. 

FA to vote against Ceferin

The UEFA’s annual congress is set to be held in Paris to discuss the proposed reforms by the body’s president, Aleksander ÄŚeferin, who is keen to run for an unprecedented fourth term as president. The 55 member states are poised to cast their votes in agreement or opposition to the proposal. 

Reportedly, the English Football Association (FA) is strongly opposed to the controversial decision of the serving president to extend his stay beyond the term limit.

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As of now, the FA has been the only body to publicly oppose the plans and could be the lone member to vote against them. Meanwhile, other members, such as the Wales FA and the Ukrainian association, led by the newly elected former legendary player Andriy Shevchenko, have yet to disclose their positions.


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