Unexpected twist in Kliff Kingsbury’s Raiders move leaves NFL fans convinced of Caleb Williams landing spot

The Las Vegas Raiders experienced a tumultuous season with significant changes in their coaching staff. The firing of Josh Mcdaniels before the regular season ended marked a pivotal moment for the team, leading to the appointment of Antonio Pierce as his replacement for the head coach position. With the head coaching position settled, the Raiders turned their attention to strengthening their offense by targeting Kliff Kingsbury.

However, Kingsbury’s tenure with the Raiders was short-lived, leaving fans eager for a potential reunion between Kingsbury and former USC star player Caleb Williams. 

U-turn in Kliff Kingsbury’s Raiders move

Kliff Kingsbury’s anticipated move to become the offensive coordinator for the Raiders lasted less than 48 hours. Media reports indicate that the former Arizona Cardinals head coach withdrew his name from consideration after contract negotiations hit a roadblock in the past 24 hours. Kingsbury communicated his decision to the Raiders organization, signaling an unexpected U-turn.

According to the Bleacher Report, Kingsbury was one of four candidates interviewed for the offensive coordinator position over the past two weeks. The sudden withdrawal adds uncertainty to the Raiders’ coaching search, leaving them to explore other options for their offensive coordinator role.

Despite the abrupt end to negotiations with the Raiders, Kingsbury has swiftly found another NFL opportunity. ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that he is now the leading candidate to become the Washington Commanders’ next offensive coordinator under new head coach Dan Quinn. 

Kingsbury’s coaching experience spans 12 seasons at the college level, with the Arizona Cardinals being the sole NFL team he has worked for. During his four-season tenure as the Cardinals’ head coach from 2019 to 2022, the team achieved a 28-37-1 record, including one playoff appearance. 

NFL fans convinced of Caleb Williams following Kingsbury to Commanders

The football world is abuzz with speculation as Caleb Williams, the highly touted quarterback, is set to reunite with Kliff Kingsbury. Kinhsbury was his former coach at USC and is poised to become the offensive coordinator for the Washington Commanders. 

The rumor deepens as fans project Williams as a potential first-round pick for the Chicago Bears, who were reportedly in a bidding war with the Raiders for Kingsbury’s services.

Last year, the former Cardinal’s coach and Williams collaborated at USC, with Kingsbury serving as a senior offensive analyst and quarterbacks coach. Reports highlight the close relationship between Williams and Kingsbury, extending beyond the football field to personal ties with Williams’ family.

The potential reunion has fueled speculation, with Fox Sports’ Colin Cowherd theorizing in January about a bidding war between the Bears and Raiders to win Kingsbury as their offensive coordinator, possibly influencing Williams’ draft destination.

Amid the speculation, there were whispers that Williams may not be keen on joining the Bears. Williams’ camp, however, quickly addressed these rumors and dispelled any notion of animosity toward the team. Cowherd’s recent comments on his shows added a new layer to the ongoing speculation surrounding Caleb Williams and Kliff Kingsbury.

While the NFL draft is yet to unfold, fans have given Williams the green light, anticipating a promising start to his professional career with the Washington Commanders. 

What’s your opinion on the fans’ projections regarding Williams and Kingsbury? 

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