WATCH: Footage of 6’10 Dwight Powell hitting his head on the doorframe resurfaces again

The Dallas Mavericks’ center, Dwight Powell, stands at an impressive height of 6’10”. He is well aware of the natural advantage his height provides in the game of basketball, using it as a formidable weapon during matches for his team.

He is great support for the franchise’s star Luka Doncic, who recently gifted his teammates e-bikes as a Christmas present. However, it looks like sometimes Dwight forgets he is very tall as a video of him crashing into the doorframe has gone viral.

Dwight Powell hitting his head on the doorframe goes viral

The Mavs center, Dwight Powell is quite tall compared to the average height of a human being. Dwight knows how to use that natural gift as a weapon in his games. He is a dominant center for the Mavs and starts most of the games. he isn’t afraid to challenge the opposition for rebounds and does a great job defensively as well.

However, sometimes Powell forgets that he is taller than a normal person, a clip from earlier this year has resurfaced again where he could be seen crashing his head into the doorframe. Powell can be seen skipping happily and as he approaches the doorframe he jumps. Unfortunately, he hits his head into the hard doorstep which is very painful to watch. However, he walks right back laughing like nothing happened.

Fans question the legitimacy of the Dwight Powell incident

The sight of Dwight Powell crashing his head into the doorframe is undeniably painful to watch, sending a chill down the spine of most viewers. However, Powell’s seemingly unbothered attitude after receiving such a painful blow has led many fans to question the legitimacy of the incident. They find it hard to believe that the Mavs center could be unaffected by hitting his head right into the doorframe without showing any signs of pain or anguish.

Dwight Powell
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The fans started to question the authenticity of the clip as one fan wrote, “No way this is real.” The official X account of Mavs confirmed to the fan that the clip is indeed a legitimate one.

Another fan raised his suspicion and commented, “I’m convinced someone else swamped bodies with him… because man… how do you forget how tall you are? lol”

On the other hand, some fans are enjoying that this clip has resurfaced as it has comedic appeal to some of them. One fan commented, “I love that this video will never go away”

What do you think of Dwight Powell crashing into the doorframe? Do you think the clip was legitimate or was it a staged incident? We are eager to know your thoughts, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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