Micah Parsons pleads with the referees to end his 70-day streak

The Dallas Cowboys and Micah Parsons got the advantage to sit atop the NFC East for a while following the Philadelphia Eagles three consecutive defeats. However, the Cowboys themselves have now embraced two straight defeats and slipped to the second spot with a 10-5 mark.

Besides backing up other NFL stars, Parsons never shy away from bashing people who raise questions about the Cowboys caliber. But this season, he has been the victim of misfortune himself. As a straightforward and bold personality, the LB has come forward to fight for himself to put an end to his unusual setback.

Micah Parsons pleads with the refs to end his streak

Since the Los Angeles Chargers game on October 16th, Micah Parsons has found himself in an unexpected drought, as no holding calls have been drawn against opponents trying to block him in over 70 days and 38 quarters. This discussion has raised eyebrows in the NFL community frequently, but recent developments in the Week 16 game against the Miami Dolphins have only added to his frustration.

Expressing his exasperation, Parsons even took to social media, posting on his Instagram story, “Free me dwag!!! Whatever I did to the officials I’m sorry.”

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The linebacker made an impressive seven tackles and half a sack in the game against the Dolphins, but he went the whole game without receiving a holding penalty, no matter how hard he tried.

This isn’t the first time Micsh Parsons has voiced his concerns about the lack of holding calls. His dismay has been evident in previous incidents as well, especially after a win against the Philadelphia Eagles earlier in the month for the same reason.

His frustration was visible when he expressed, “It’s comical, you know. It’s something that we should not even call out anymore. We all see what’s going on. The fans, the media, the reporters—they all see it. It is just something they are not making an emphasis on.”

The veteran’s unexpected drought of holding calls has not only impacted his gameplay but has also sparked discussions about the officiating standards in the NFL. Meanwhile, he will keep his fingers crossed to see an end to these disappointments.

Parsons makes his feelings about officiating crystal clear

Micah Parsons faced adversity when a roughing the passer penalty was called against him, despite his efforts to remain within the boundaries of the rules. During a crucial moment on second-and-one, his pressure on the Miami Dolphins quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa, resulted in an incomplete pass, hinting at a potential third down from the nine-yard line.

However, the penalty flag against Parsons abruptly changed the game’s scenario as it gave the Dolphins a first-and-goal opportunity. The Dolphins didn’t fail to capitalize on this opportunity and scored a touchdown, altering the score to 13-7.

Expressing his disbelief and frustration regarding the penalty, the LB emphasized his confusion over the referee’s assessment of his intent.

“It’s mind-blowing, the things that are getting called, and the positions that we get put in. We just have to learn how to fight the adversity. I know a lot of it is BS, but it’s the world we live in. We’ve got the star on our helmet,” he said via SI.com.

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The veteran also passionately defended his play, saying his intent was not to harm the quarterback but to execute a clean sack. He questioned the penalty and said he adhered to the rules by not making a late hit, leading with his head, or leaving his feet.

“The ref said my intent was to punish the quarterback. How am I trying to punish him if I’m just trying to sack him? It’s not like it was a late hit. It’s not like I’m leaving my feet. I didn’t lead with my head. I don’t know how you make that call.”

The recent incident marked the first instance in the season that Micah Parsons was penalized for roughing the passer. Despite the closeness of the play, he remains resolute in his assertion that the hit on Tua was well within the confines of a legal and clean play.


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