Kevin De Bruyne goes viral for spreading the Christmas spirit with $476.7 million Hollywood flick parody

The Christmas spirits are high this year, especially in Manchester. Soccer is taking a break, with many players enjoying their time with their families. Kevin De Bruyne is also enjoying his long break since he has been out of the pitch through injury anyway.

Manchester City have also been in a giving mood recently, helping children in hospitals and raising huge funds for them. Players are also enjoying their break, and De Bruyne has now gone viral for a hilarious and ingenious move he once performed years ago.

Kevin De Bruyne sets the mood for Christmas day

Kevin De Bruyne is known to be a quiet and calm man, often shy and laid-back. But in 2018, the Belgian maestro got into a playful mood, reenacting an iconic Christmas movie. And it was the famous Christmas movie Home Alone, which is watched worldwide by people of every age.

The main character is a kid named Kevin McCallister who defends himself from two perpetrators. The actor behind the character was Macaulay Caulkin, who in a way resembles a young Kevin De Bruyne. In the reenactment by De Bruyne, he can be seen being digitally edited and resembling the character. He is seen doing the actions of the young kid, screaming, running around the house and having a fun time.

The Home Alone series is widely considered to be a Christmas classic, with all three movies centered around Christmas. People everywhere have seen them and enjoyed them as well. Kevin’s reenactment was perfect and helped fans realize that the Belgian isn’t shy and in fact, very fun to be around.

Kevin De Bruyne injury timeline

Unfortunately, Kevin De Bruyne has had a bad start to the season, as he had suffered a very serious injury at the start of the season. It was a hamstring injury against Burnley on the opening day, and the same one that he injured in the UCL final last season. Since the injury, he has had to recover and has not played or trained a single minute.

Kevin De Bruyne
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The City team have struggled this season and have lost and dropped points several times, leading them to be fifth in the Premier League table. It is clear that they were missing one of their most crucial players. But opposition teams beware, as the Belgian maestro is close to returning.

De Bruyne has already joined Manchester City training, as he is working to slowly build his fitness levels. He has yet to join the main team and missed the FIFA Club World Cup final victory against Fluminense, where a controversial incident also took place.

Manchester City will next play against Everton on December 28, but De Bruyne is not expected to join the squad this soon.

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