Watch: Lionel Messi sees horrific Brazilian police attack on Argentine fans

The highly anticipated clash between Brazil and Argentina has concluded, marking one of the most significant grudge matches in history. While Brazil aimed to limit Lionel Messi’s impact, it was Nicolas Otamendi who dealt a significant blow to Brazil on their home soil.

Given the longstanding rivalry between Argentina and Brazil, some level of antagonism among supporters was anticipated. However, the chaos that ensued exceeded expectations. There are also concerns about the potential lopsided involvement of the Brazilian police in the situation. The police were seen hitting an Argentinian supporter with a baton as Lionel Messi watched on.

Watch: Lionel Messi witnesses horrific scene at Brazil-Argentina game

The intense sporting rivalry between two of some of the most successful teams in world football escalated when Brazilian police charged Argentine fans in response to fighting in the stands during the national anthems.

Lionel Messi witnesses horrific scene at Brazil-Argentina game
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The world champions, guided by their captain Messi, approached the stands to intervene during the tumultuous episode. Messi, in his plea, urged an end to the clashes, and Martinez was caught on camera reaching into the crowd, attempting to prevent a police officer from using a baton. Subsequently, the Argentina squad temporarily left the field, returning to the dressing room for a period exceeding 10 minutes.

Following the outbreak of the brawl, the Brazilian police responded by attempting to disperse the fighting groups, employing batons that left some individuals bleeding. The Brazilian police’s intervention was criticized for being disproportionate, particularly as it targeted traveling Argentina fans.

Lionel Messi reflected on the disgraceful incident saying, ‘We saw how [police] were hitting the people, it already happened in the Libertadores final,’ he said, referring to the scenes at the Maracana before Fluminense’s win over Boca Juniors this year. ‘They were more focused on that than on the game.

Soccer community reacts to horrific audience clash

Following the brawl that delayed the kick-off of the Brazil vs. Argentina game, Lionel Messi was one of the prominent critics of the incident. He expressed his disappointment in the Brazilian police force, saying,

Lionel Messi

“It was bad because we saw how they were beating people… The police, as it already happened in the Libertadores final, were once again repressing the people with night sticks, there were players who had families over there,” Messi said in a pitchside television interview.

“We went to the locker room because it was the best way to calm everything down, it could have ended in tragedy.

“You think about the families, the people who are there, who don’t know what’s going on and we were more concerned about that than playing a match that, at that point, was of secondary importance.”

Marquinhos, the captain of Brazil, expressed shared concerns as he was observed interacting with Messi and the Argentine players in their efforts to calm the situation.

“We were worried about the families, women and children, that we were seeing in panic up there in the stands,” Marquinhos told reporters.

“Down on the pitch it was hard for us to understand what was going on, it was a very scary situation.”

Football fans on X also commented, with one saying, “These Brazilians are savages” and another saying “Brazil are a disgrace”.


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