What is the beef between Maxx Crosby and Patrick Mahomes? Explaing their NFL feud

Over the years, we have seen that quarterbacks and defensive ends rarely share a close bond with one another. The case becomes even rarer when it comes to both parties being from rival franchises. That is the case for Kansas City Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes and Las Vegas Raiders defensive end Maxx Crosby.

The two have locked horns against one another on a number of occasions, and oftentimes, it has come really close to blows. However, it looks like Maxx Crosby is willing to take the feud up a notch before the start of the upcoming season.

What happened between Maxx Crosby and Patrick Mahomes?

Patrick Mahomes and Maxx Crosby have functioned at the highest levels over the last few seasons, while Mahomes has quickly become one of the most successful quarterbacks ever to grace the league. However, the same cannot be said for Crosby. However, whenever they go up against one another, it is a feisty affair for the spectators.

Recently, a few netizens from the NFL community tried to start a rumor about the two having some “beef” going on due to their hostile nature out on the pitch. But as Maxx Crosby clears the air, we find out that there is nothing but mutual respect for one another, and all those hostilities are only limited to the pitch.

In an interview where he described his relationship with the talismanic QB, he said, “I’ll hunt his a*s down every time I go out on the pitch, but he knows that, and he respects it.”

Maxx Crosby delivers a harsh message to Patrick Mahomes

As the new season gears up for a start, it turns out that the Las Vegas Raiders’ Maxx Crosby has a message for Patrick Mahomes, and it is a rather hostile one in nature, a testament to the kind of relationship they have.

According to Marca, he said, “At the end of the day, if we want to win, we got to take him down. So we’re not shy about that. He knows every time I play him, and every time I see him, I’m trying to ruin his day. So that goes for everybody. So yeah, you know, people can take that whatever they want, whatever, but he knows I’m coming for him.

“It’s the same. I’m on that energy every time and I know my teammates are as well. It’s not malicious or whatever… But we play with ill intent sign and we play violent and fast and we plan on doing that for the years to come,” he continued.


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