What’s the anticipated timeline for Nick Chubb’s comeback for the Browns following Friday’s surgery?

The Cleveland Browns running back Nick Chubb has been a cornerstone of the team’s offense and a fan-favorite since he was drafted in 2018. Till now, his journey in Cleveland has been remarkable enough to let the team lean on him heavily on their offensive side.

However, Chubb’s absence in the upcoming games due to an injury suffered in the match against the Pittsburgh Steelers has left a void that the Browns and its supporters are eager to see Nick Chubb take the field once again. Though he has already been ruled out of the team for this season following the setback, the franchise released a satisfactory update about the RB’s condition following a recent surgery.

Nick Chubb undergoes knee surgery

According to the Browns’ team announcement on Saturday, Chubb underwent a successful knee surgery on Friday to treat the torn ACL in his left knee that he suffered two weeks ago. The statement said Dr. James Voos, the team physician, conducted the surgery to repair damage to his medial capsule, meniscus, and medial collateral ligament, with a second surgery scheduled for the upcoming month.

The vet was earlier predicted to have hurt only his MCL and stretched his ACL, albeit the surgery was the only way to know about the exact nature of the injury. Though the exact duration of the recovery period remains uncertain, the four-time Pro Bowler is expected to return to play at some point in the 2024 season.

The 27-year-old enjoyed a career-high 1,525 yards last year, and now, second-year RB Jerome Ford would have to carry on the starter job following his absence, having Kareem Hunt as a backup, who was recently re-signed by the Browns.

Chubb suffered a season-ending injury in week 2

During the Browns’ 26-22 loss against the Steelers in week 2, Chubb sustained a season-ending injury after Pittsburgh’s Minkah Fitzpatrick crashed into him while making a tackle, causing his knee to buckle inward. He was unable to get up before getting carted off the field with a face full of pain and sorrow.

Nick Chubb
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To add insult to injury, the knee the offensive vet injured was the exact same one he dislocated during his college football career at Georgia back in 2015 when the Bulldogs faced off against Tennessee. He tore his MCL, PCL, and LCL and required reconstruction. The Browns star earlier discussed how the injury became a significant setback for his career when he was projected to overshadow others in his sophomore year.

All eyes are on Nick’s recovery, and NFL fans will be holding their collective breath, with a hope to witness him bounce back on the roster in the earliest possible time. We wish Chubb a speedy recovery!


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