Aaron Rodgers set to attend Jets vs Chiefs Sunday Night Football game amid speculations of quick recovery

The New York Jets’ Super Bowl dream this season with their new leader Aaron Rodgers was dashed in the quarterback’s debut game with them following his season-ending injury. It now sets almost the whole season for Rodgers to recover and the Jets to struggle to survive for the rest of the season.

Though Rodgers’s return on the field is still totally uncertain, the quarterback is now making headlines with his return to the team facility to cheer up the Jets in their Week 4 game.

Aaron Rodgers to attend MetLife showdown vs Chiefs

The Jets will square off against the Kansas City Chiefs for their Week 4 game at MetLife Stadium on Sunday Night Football Game. Reportedly, pop star Taylor Swift will make a visit at night to support Travis Kelce’s team. Hence, it would be great for the Jets to have a star on behalf of them to boost their strength. 

A-rod joined the team meeting with the players and coaches on Saturday at the team’s facilities to discuss their conflict with Patrick Mahomes’ squad.

The 39-year-old’s attendance at the game was confirmed after the meet-up.

On the Pat McAfee show earlier this week, after the Jets’ 15-10 loss to the Patriots, the offensive coordinator of the team made a hint about his presence in the Jets’ facilities.

 “You never know who you’re going to see at the game”, he said. 

Obviously, A-Rod’s appearance will boost their confidence in the franchise’s struggling starter Zach Wilson. In an interview, Wilson also expressed his excitement over the matter and asserted that it would help him to play on his own level.

“That would be awesome, as good of a football mind as he is, to have him around the team”, Wilson said. “For someone like me, to be able to bounce my thoughts off of, see what he’s thinking.”

Wilson already has come in the spotlight for the ire of the Jets fan base following their back-to-back losses. Even the Jets’ Hall of Famer quarterback Joe Namath did not hold back from raising questions about Wilson’s productivity and performance. 

Aaron Rodgers steps out of walking boot after just 3 weeks post-surgery

After meeting a season-ending tearing of his Achilles in the Jets season-opening game, the former Green Bay Packers player underwent surgery that week. After three weeks since his accident, the veteran was spotted using crutches in public for the first time on Thursday.

It appears that Aaron is making a speedy recovery. Once he could walk again, he planned to join the Jets again, hence he traveled across the country to assist his squad after receiving the green light from his physicians.

According to reports, it usually takes 6 to 12 weeks to transition out of the walking boot. Good news for Jets fans, as it is possible that the quarterback will recover from his injury sooner than anticipated and could even be seen playing this season wearing a Jets uniform.

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