When Bills assisted Chiefs to get Patrick Mahomes in 2017

NFL games are highly dependent on quarterbacks. While players in this position are lauded heavily for ensuring wins for their teams, they are also slammed brutally following underwhelming performances. However, these things are not common for Kansas City Chiefs superstar quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

While the league boasts several elite QBs, Mahomes definitely stood out in the crowd. Even before playing for a decade, he has already earned multiple Super Bowl titles along with other divisional titles for his team. The Chiefs also had such a kind of expectation from the signal-caller when they made the big move of drafting him with the help of the Buffalo Bills.

Bills trade helped Chiefs land Patrick Mahomes

The Chiefs had a solid 12-4 season in 2016 with Alex Smith leading the team, making them an unlikely choice for a quarterback upgrade. Remarkably, the team, initially ranked at No. 27 in the draft order, made a trade with the Buffalo Bills to secure the No. 10 overall pick. This transaction involved giving up three picks, but it provided them with the opportunity to draft Patrick Mahomes.

General Manager John Dorsey’s foresight played a crucial role in the move. He identified potential competitors like the New Orleans Saints, New York Giants, and Arizona Cardinals in positions that could snatch Pat before the Chiefs had a chance.

Despite evolving into one of the NFL’s premier quarterbacks, Mahomes was not considered a sure thing by draft experts in 2017. However, the Chiefs’ gamble paid off, and the signal-caller became the catalyst for a new era in Kansas City football.

Meanwhile, the Bills made the most of the assets they gained from the trade. By choosing Tre’Davious White at the No. 27 pick, they made a smart move and utilized extra picks to create a strong roster. The third-round 2017 pick resulted in the addition of tackle Dion Dawkins and receiver Zay Jones. There was a trade-up in the first round of the 2018 draft to acquire linebacker Tremaine Edmunds. Alongside Edmunds, the team also selected defensive back Siran Neal with an additional pick.

Patrick Mahomes’ playoff record

Since his playoff debut in January 2019, Patrick Mahomes has etched his name in postseason lore as a quarterback with an impressive track record. Over 15 postseason clashes, he boasts an outstanding record of 12 victories. The majority of the QB’s playoff triumphs unfolded at the iconic Arrowhead Stadium, where he led the Chiefs to a remarkable 10-2 record, according to Fox Sports.

However, the new Prime athlete’s playoff journey hasn’t been without challenges. His first two postseason losses came at the hands of Tom Brady, who labeled him as his successor. The initial setback occurred in the AFC Championship Game against the 2018 New England Patriots, followed by another defeat in Super Bowl LV against the 2020 Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Nevertheless, Pat rebounded from these setbacks to secure a Super Bowl victory in the following year.

Patrick Mahomes

The third blemish on Patrick Mahomes’ playoff record came in the AFC Championship Game against the Cincinnati Bengals. Keeping aside these three losses, Pat now holds the eighth-most postseason wins by an NFL QB. This remarkable achievement is particularly laudable considering the Chiefs’ playoff struggles before he assumed the role of the team’s signal-caller.


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