“Who the f— is Tom Brady?”: Ichiro Suzuki displayed his obliviousness after receiving a text from the NFL legend

Tom Brady is an iconic name in the American football world. Even after more than two decades in the league, football fans are yet to get over the charm of the legend. Though the former NFL quarterback sometimes teases his fans with a possible comeback, he is very unlikely to do so.

From New England to Tampa Bay, it will be rare to find a person in America who doesn’t know Brady. However, future Hall of Fame outfielder Ichiro Suzuki once raised eyebrows by being an exception to this.

One Ichiro Suzuki query about Tom Brady left everyone dumbfounded

In 2017, during spring training, Ichiro Suzuki found himself in the midst of an amusing situation. As detailed by writer Peter Gammons in a 2018 piece for The Athletic, Suzuki received a text from an unknown number.

The veteran was totally unable to recognize the number, and sought clarification from his coaches. Little did he know that the sender was none other than NFL legend Tom Brady. He nonchalantly revealed that the sender identified himself as “Some guy named Tom Brady. Who the f**k is Tom Brady?”

This humorous revelation proved Ichiro’s indifference to NFL legends, despite the wide recognition both athletes enjoyed in their respective sports.

Suzuki bid adieu to his MLB playing career in 2019. Mariners General Manager Jerry Dipoto then announced that Suzuki would take on a new role as an instructor for the team. He is renowned for his meticulous pre-game stretches. His dedication to his physical regimen played a crucial role in his prolonged success on the baseball field.

Tom Brady has also been like an ageless wonder during his NFL tenure. He has carved out his own path to longevity with the famed TB12 method. Yet, even the California Cool was curious about Suzuki’s approach to fitness. As revealed in Gammons’s story, the ex-NFL star initial outreach to Suzuki was driven by a desire to learn and study his stretching system.

Tom Brady’s career switch from baseball to football

Tom Brady’s journey to becoming the GOAT in NFL history almost took a different turn. Long before he was winning Super Bowls and breaking records, he was a talented baseball player with dreams of making it to the Major Leagues.

During his time at Junípero Serra High School in San Mateo, California, the football prodigy showcased his skills not only on the football field but also on the baseball diamond. He was a left-handed hitting catcher and caught the attention of Major League Baseball scouts. In fact, TB12 was even selected by the Montreal Expos in the 18th round of the 1995 MLB draft.

Despite the opportunity to pursue a career in baseball, Tom Terrific ultimately chose to follow his passion for football. In an interview with Dan Patrick, he explained the reason behind the move. The veteran said that while he enjoyed baseball, football was his true love and the sport he wanted to pursue professionally.

“Baseball was not my sport. Although I really like it, there was a reason I went with football. Even though I liked baseball, it was a fantastic sport, particularly in California where I grew up. That was my first love, and it was game over as soon as I started playing football.”

Tom Brady’s baseball career never materialized, but he left a lasting impression during his brief stint in the sport. In 2003, he showcased his power at the plate by hitting a home run at Fenway Park. However, the NFL world only got to get the service of the legend at the end.


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