Who truly inspires Brock Purdy? Unveiling the mystery behind 49ers QB’s idol

When the San Francisco 49ers were tasked with selecting a quarterback, they opted for Brock Purdy with minimal enthusiasm, earning him the moniker “Mr. Irrelevant.” However, in just one season, the starting quarterback debunked the notion of his draft selection, instilling a winning culture in the team.

Behind every successful player, an idol often plays a pivotal role. As fans eagerly anticipated the revelation of the name inspiring Purdy’s remarkable performance, the 49ers’ hero recently disclosed his idol’s identity.

Brock Purdy’s unexpected inspiration

In a recent press conference, Brock Purdy surprised reporters by revealing that he didn’t grow up idolizing Dolphins legend Dan Marino, as was commonly believed, but rather, his admiration was reserved for the New Orleans Saints icon Drew Brees.

Purdy illuminated the change in his football preferences, explaining that, with his father being a Dolphins fan, there was an initial desire for Purdy to emulate Marino. Nevertheless, as he matured, the last pick in the draft realized that his playing style closely resembled Brees, leading him to acknowledge the former Saints player as his idol.

“My dad was the Dolphins fan, so for him growing up, he was like Dan Marino’s got a quick release and all that. Growing up, I tried to throw quick like Dan, but then as I got older, obviously I didn’t watch Marino play, so Drew Brees was the guy I knew I was going to be,” he said.

The choice to emulate Brees over Marino stemmed from more than just a generational shift. According to Purdy, the decision was influenced by the similarities he shared with the Saints quarterback, particularly in terms of height. Despite being shorter for an NFL quarterback, Brees’s success inspired Purdy, who sees parallels in their playing styles.

“Drew Brees was the guy I knew I was going to be, you know similar height, and I just respected how he was quick with his feet. He was very smart, anticipated throws and won games with his mind. He was a fierce competitor; all the guys around him loved to go to war with him.”

Drew Brees’s illustrious 15-season career with the New Orleans Saints has left an indelible mark on NFL history. Brees boasts numerous records, including being the first quarterback to surpass 80,000 career passing yards.

While he once held the all-time passing touchdown record, Brees’s achievements include an impressive 571 passing touchdowns and just over 10,500 passing attempts.

Notably, Brees stood out for his efficiency and durability. His sack percentage of 3.83% ranks him fifth among quarterbacks who finished their careers with percentages below 4%. The esteemed quartet ahead of him includes Peyton Manning, Dan Marino, Doug Williams, and Mark Rypien.

MVP buzz grows for Purdy as the 49ers shine with an 11-3 start

The 49ers have soared to the top of the NFC standings with an impressive 11-3 record, winning six consecutive games by double digits. This remarkable comeback follows a challenging period marked by a three-game losing streak, making the 49ers’ resurgence a noteworthy accomplishment for the entire team.

A standout figure in the team’s victories is none other than Brock Purdy, the dual-threat quarterback and the last pick in the 2023 draft. Purdy’s stellar performance has sparked conversations about the MVP award, a distinction that has eluded the 49ers since Steve Young claimed it in 1994.

As the starting quarterback for San Francisco, Purdy has been nothing short of brilliant amid his concussion rumors. Leading the NFL in crucial categories through 14 games, he tops the charts in QBR, yards per attempt, expected points added per dropback, touchdown passes, and touchdown-to-interception ratio. His impressive stat line includes a 69.8 percent completion rate, 3,795 passing yards, 29 touchdowns, and seven interceptions for the season.

Notably, Purdy’s yards per attempt stand at a remarkable 9.9, placing him on track to secure the third-highest mark in a single NFL season, only behind the legendary Otto Graham (1953) and Norm Van Brocklin (1954).

For Purdy to lock up the MVP award, the key lies in aiding the 49ers to clinch the No. 1 seed while avoiding any subpar performances in the final three regular-season games. The race for MVP is intensified by the presence of another 49er standout, running back Christian McCaffrey, whose impressive stats include 1,292 rushing yards, 509 receiving yards, and 20 total touchdowns.

Meanwhile, the “cost-effective” contract holder expresses a desire for McCaffrey to claim the MVP honor, acknowledging his significant contribution to the team’s victories.

The Baltimore Ravens Lamar Jackson is also a front-runner in the MVP race, contributing a lot to his team’s victories by breaking multiple records. According to the latest MVP odds, Purdy leads the pack with -225, Jackson follows closely in the second position with +450, and McCaffrey holds the third spot with +700.

As the season unfolds, whether it’s Purdy or McCaffrey in the MVP spotlight, their success hinges on maintaining the momentum they’ve built alongside the resurging 49ers.

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