Whose shoe did Sir Alex Ferguson kick at David Beckham? Looking back at the boiling point of England star’s relation with the legendary manager

David Beckham is one of the most famous and well-known soccer players of the last few decades. The former English and Manchester United legend had become a huge celebrity during his career and, as such, was involved in many incidents, which his fans wanted to keep tabs on.

And now his lifelong fans and everyone else can know exactly what happened in his career. This is because David Beckham has now got his own Netflix documentary where he has described much of his career highlights, including an incident with former United manager Sir Alex Ferguson.

David Beckham’s infamous boot incident with SAF

In the documentary, aptly named ‘Beckham’, at one point, the Englishman starts to describe a certain incident with his former manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, who is also regarded as one of the best managers of all time. He was also known to be particularly harsh and tough on his players and this made him clash with many of them.

David himself clashed numerous times with his former manager, but one time it went too far. It was after a 2-0 loss against Arsenal in the 2003 FA Cup. After the loss, the players went into the dressing room, and as usual, Sir Alex came in angry. He then started to berate them and eventually it was Beckham’s time to receive his infamous ‘hairdryer treatment’.

However, Beckham didn’t want to take the verbal assault and quipped back. He then made the mistake of using the F-word numerous times to insult the manager. This made Sir Alex lose control, and he kicked out at a pile of clothes. There, a boot was shot right onto the top of Beckham’s eye.

In the documentary, we learn that the infamous boot belonged to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, who said it himself in the Netflix show. The Norwegian was also, most recently the manager of the Red Devils.

The legendary manager admitted in the same documentary that he did kick the boot but remarked that Beckham was not injured at all. At the time of the incident, it was later seen that Beckham’s left eye had a bit of an injury and the star midfielder himself said he needed a stitch, but Ferguson simply said it was ‘stage-managed’.

The incident was well known for many years but never described in so much detail. Beckham even revealed that he was ready to fight the manager but was held back. This whole boot incident was the climax of their many clashes and soon it became clear it was the nail in the coffin of Beckham’s United career.

Manchester United sold David Beckham to Madrid next season

Soon, it became clear that Sir Alex and David Beckham could no longer work together. The manager was wary of the latter’s increasing fame and decided it was hampering both him and the team. He was also adamant that Beckham shouldn’t date his girlfriend, Victoria Beckham, who is now his wife. The British manager believed that the former Spice Girls band member was an obstacle to Beckham’s career.

David Beckham

In the summer of 2003, David Beckham finally left Manchester United, the club where he played at the beginning of his career. He was snapped by Real Madrid for €37.5 million and had become the first of the legendary ‘Galacticos’ at the Spanish club. Beckham would go on to play for a number of clubs but never return to United again.

David Beckham claims in the documentary that he never wanted to leave the club and revealed he wanted to clear things up with the manager on the phone but was never responded to. Sir Alex also said that Beckham could be allowed to stay, but the general consensus was that the departure would have been better for both the club and player, which it can be said did work. United continued it’s success under Ferguson and Beckham went on to become a global star.

In the end, things have worked out well, with both Sir Alex and David Beckham reconciling their relationship. Beckham continues to be a relevant figure, as he is currently the co-owner of MLS club Inter Miami, where Lionel Messi currently plays, a transfer in which he had a significant part.

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