McLaren hilariously get fact-checked by Twitter community notes after Oscar Piastri lap time deletion

Oscar Piastri has been a remarkable driver in his past few years despite being a rookie, exceeding Lando Norris’s bar level. Previously, he has won a consecutive number of races driving Formula 2 and Formula 3 cars as well.

The Australian sealed his first Formula 1 podium finish at last weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix, impressing a lot of the F1 audience. However, he could not escape the wrath of the  Lusail International Circuit and got his time-lap deleted.

McLaren get fact-checked by community notes over Piastri’s finish

The Lusail International Circuit is pretty challenging when it comes to the drivers keeping their cars within the track limit. A lot of drivers have made the same mistake while racing by keeping their focus only on their pace, which resulted in a penalty for each of them.

Oscar faced the same mistake as he took his car beyond the white lines on turn 14, exceeding the track limits. This was not fair to the other drivers, according to the experts and hence he was pushed further to P6 after a late decision from the stewards.

McLaren posted on Twitter congratulating Oscar Piastri for his outstanding delivery of performance on the circuit; however, they were soon corrected by the community notes on Twitter, which said Piastri got his time lap deleted and qualified in P6 instead.

Formula One audiences were entertained thoroughly by the hilarious fact check on Twitter, making memes out of the whole scenario.

Piastri reacts to missing out on P3

Oscar Piastri has commented on his performance, concluding that he needed to improve his performance on the ground and avoid silly mistakes while racing, as it is “so easy”  to make one.

“A shame [to lose my lap[ but the car felt reasonable,”

“I just pushed too hard on the last lap, which is a shame.

“We’ll be able to get another crack at it tomorrow with qualifying and then the sprint too.

“We’ll see what we can do. I think it’s very tight and it’s so easy to make a mistake, the track is very slippery, so it’s not making things easy for us.

“It’s a shame that we’re a bit further back now for the main race where the main points are, but there are points up for grabs tomorrow.“

Do you think Oscar will be able to recover from his performance as he promised? Do let us know in the comment section below.


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