Why did Lakers star Christian Wood slap Yasmine Lopez with restraining order?

The Los Angeles Lakers signed center Christian Wood with the intention of strengthening their options in size and variations on both, the defensive and offensive ends of the court. However, apart from dwindling play time, the star has also been plagued with injuries.

To add on to his long list of troubles, now Christian Wood has undergone legal procedures to declare a restraining order against the mother of his child.

Why Christian Wood wanted restraining order against Yasmine Lopez?

Based on reports, it appears that Christian Wood is going through one of the most turbulent periods of his career. According to TMZ Sports, the superstar has been granted a restraining order against the mother of his eight-month-old son, Yasmine Lopez.

In Wood’s court filings, he sought the restraining order citing the mental and physical toll inflicted by Lopez. TMZ Sports explicitly mentioned that Lopez had made Wood’s life a living hell following their breakup in December 2022.

Christian Wood
Christian Wood is facing a lot of difficulty following his relationship with Christian Wood via USA Today Sports

Along with emotional and physical stress, Yasmine Lopez also found ways to hurt Christian Wood from a financial point of view. In the month of February, Yasmine and her group of friends found their way into Wood’s home and vandalized his property.

Records indicate that Wood’s former partner, Lopez, and her friends left multiple scratches on the star’s Mercedes-Benz. Prior to this, in 2023, Lopez vandalized Christian Wood’s home, destroying statues and flower vases and even attempted to assault the basketball star in the process.

Keeping her violent history in mind, the court granted Wood a restraining order against Lopez as per the star’s request. According to the stipulations of the order, Yasmine Lopez must stay 100 yards away from the player and may only come close when they discuss about their little child.

However, even their little discussion should be “brief and peaceful contact,” according to the order. While it is understood, Lopez should also not threaten, abuse or harass Wood during this period and she can also not possess a gun until the order expires towards the end of the month on March 20th.

Yasmine Lopez also flirted with Ja Morant?

IG model Yasmine Lopez has been involved in fair share of drama surrounding NBA players from veterans like Carmelo Anthony to youngsters like Ja Morant. She is well-known for her vicious schemes surrounding athletes, aiming to trap them and gain financially on the athlete’s behalf.

Yasmine Lopez tried to allegedly scam Ja Morant via Associated Press

Previously, the model attempted to manipulate Memphis Grizzlies superstar Ja Morant with her devious schemes while she was with NFL athlete DeSean Jackson. While Lopez has denied all allegations, the chat she sent expressing her eagerness to commit fraud said, “I’m messing with Desean Jackson right now … trying to get him to trick on me. Imma get Ja Morant next…”

While neither athlete has publicly addressed the incident, social media users and the NBA community called for strict action against the model in the rising age of cyber-financial crimes.

What are your thoughts on the situation surrounding Christian Wood? Should the restraining order be filed for a longer period of time? We are eager to know your thoughts on the matter, so feel free to comment below.

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