Will Andy Reid’s rumored retirement prompt Bill Belichick’s Chiefs HC replacement?

The 2023 NFL season has been turbulent for the head coaches. Eight franchises sacked their head coaches either before or after the regular season. In fact, the New England Patriots, Las Vegas Raiders, Los Angeles Chargers, Tennessee Titans, Carolina Panthers, and Atlanta Falcons have successfully enrolled their new coaches.

Now, only the Washington Commanders and Seattle Seahawks are on the way to find their new HC. As Bill Belichick has recently parted ways with the New England Patriots, he could be easily linked to these two teams. However, there are reports suggesting the possibility of him taking over the head coaching role of the Kansas City Chiefs, a team currently led by Andy Reid.

Is Bill Belichick going to replace Andy Reid?

Bill Belichick might find himself in the spotlight once again, but this time in a different hue – the red and gold of the Kansas City Chiefs. Speculation has been sparked by FOX Sports’ Craig Carton. He boldly predicted that the ex-Patriots head coach could succeed Andy Reid as the Chiefs’ HC after Reid’s potential retirement.

“I think Bill Belichick will be the next head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs next year. I think that’s where he goes after Andy Reid retires after this year. There’s some smoke around that he may retire. He had a great Hall of Fame career”, he said.

Carton said neither the Seattle Seahawks nor the Washington Commanders would make Belichick their new HC, as it would jeopardize the team’s GM spot. His assertion isn’t merely a lone voice in the wilderness. Popular NFL insiders Adam Schefter and Mike Florio have also lent credence to the notion. Schefter, on ESPN’s “Get Up,” mused over the possibility, especially if the Chiefs secure another Super Bowl victory under Reid’s leadership.

The ongoing speculation about Bill Belichick’s potential move to Kansas City as their head coach is supported by his impressive coaching career, which includes a notable record of 333-178 (including playoffs) over 29 seasons. However, questions surrounding Belichick’s success without Tom Brady and the fact that he has secured only one playoff win without the star quarterback remain.

The ex-Patriots HC appears to be seeking a team in a win-now situation. It makes the Chiefs an appealing option with Patrick Mahomes regarded as the league’s elite signal-caller. Whether this speculative scenario materializes will depend on various factors, including Reid’s retirement and the Chiefs’ postseason success. Meanwhile, his link with the Atlanta Falcons was dismissed, as they have bow hired Raheem Morris as their new HC.

What did Andy Reid say about his retirement?

Andy Reid has recently dismissed any speculation about retirement by affirming his focus on the upcoming challenges with his team. Prior to the Chiefs’ win over the Miami Dolphins, Reid made it clear that he is not considering retirement at the moment.

“I haven’t even thought about that. I’m thinking about one thing. I figured that would come up when you guys were asking these questions because I’m old — but not that old”, he said.

Adam Schefter of ESPN echoed Reid’s sentiment by highlighting that retirement is not on the coach’s mind. Tracy Wolfson of CBS Sports also shared insights from her sources. She dismissed retirement speculations and expressed her surprise if Reid were to step down, especially with two years left on his contract. Nate Taylor, a Chiefs beat writer for The Athletic, refuted the retirement rumors surrounding Reid as well.

Andy Reid boasts an illustrious coaching career, including two Super Bowl victories and multiple playoff appearances with both the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chiefs. With an impressive track record of success, Reid has firmly established himself as one of the premier coaches in the NFL, tallying a career record of 258-144-1.

Despite his numerous accomplishments, the HC has always remained driven to achieve more. A potential consecutive Super Bowl title this season would further cement his legacy by marking three Lombardi Trophies in five years. The Chiefs have just smashed the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC Championship game, and he is just one win away from hitting the record.


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