Mams Taylor explains why KSI vs Slim Albaher fight is unlikely to happen

The rise of influencer boxing has become notable in recent times, featuring figures like Jake Paul, Logan Paul, and KSI. Among them, Logan Paul has transitioned his focus to professional wrestling and currently holds the title of WWE United States Champion.

Meanwhile, Jake Paul has shifted focus to fighting actual professional boxers and has even penned a deal with Team USA Boxing for the 2024 Paris Olympics. KSI, on the other hand, owns Misfits Boxing, the promotional machine behind influencer boxing, along with Mams Taylor. There are many influencers like Deen the Great and Slim Albaher, who signed with Misfits Boxing and would like very much to get a crack at the CEO of Misfits Boxing.

Mams Taylor reveals why KSI will not fight Slim Albaher

Undefeated influencer boxer Slim Albaher has been calling out a fight with Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, popularly known as KSI. However, the co-president of Misfits Boxing, Mams Taylor, does not think it is a good idea for Albaher to fight Olatunji. Taylor explained his reasons at the Misfits Boxing Small Council Meeting #6, live streamed on the official Misfits YouTube channel.

“I want to protect the Slim from potentially getting knocked the hell out…”, Taylor voiced his apprehension as KSI is known for having knockout power and has even hurt Tommy Fury with it. Before fighting Tommy Fury, the British YouTuber was on a four-fight KO streak although the fourth KO was changed to a No Contest.

“It doesn’t do any favors for KSI to go from Tommy Fury to Slim,” Taylor further argued that KSI would not benefit from fighting down the pecking order. He went on to mention the British YouTuber’s rivalry with Jake Paul who will certainly criticize the Brit for fighting Albaher.

The British YouTuber last fought at MF & DAZN: X Series 10 – The Prime Card where he headlined with Tommy Fury. He lost the fight via a controversial decision in a lackluster fight which did not have any action. The YouTuber went on to appeal the result but was unsuccessful. Nonetheless, he continues to troll Fury on social media.

Slim Albaher continues to callout KSI for a boxing match

Even though Mams Taylor does not want Slim Albaher to fight Olatunji inside the boxing ring, Albaher seems very eager to get in the ring with the British YouTuber. Albaher has been very active on social media with his callouts.

“People say KSI beating me does nothing for him. It does a lot more than beating Pineda, Swarmz, Temper, elbowing Fournier, Logan Paul, and losing to Tommy Fury,” tweeted Albaher as he made his case for being the next opponent of KSI. “The real truth is I’m way too risky of a fight for KSI,” he further added in the tweet.

“The Only fight I see myself losing to Ksi is the Battle of the Foreheads. He wins every time,” Albaher mocked the British YouTuber for his forehead. Albaher’s trolling is mainly to get a reaction out of KSI and thereby grab a boxing bout.

“But if he chooses to avoid me AGAIN he will always be #2 On Misfits because we all really know who #1 really is”, Albaher tweeted even claiming him to be the Misfits boxing’s best professional ahead of its CEO.

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