“Win for both sides”: Paul George takes a closer look into rumored Jonathan Kuminga-Pascal Siakam trade

LA Clippers star Paul George reacted to the potential happenings of a rumored Jonathan Kuminga – Pascal Siakam trade. On his podcast show, George spoke about the bright possibilities for all parties involved in the trade, especially the two players involved – Jonathan Kuminga and Pascal Siakam.

Speaking on the trade, Paul George spoke about how the trade had successive qualities for everyone in the deal. With the acquisition of Siakam, the Warriors will have a dominant paint presence and a “bit of everything” according to the eight-time All-Star.

Paul George breaks down potential Siakam trade

According to the eight-time All-Star, Siakam’s presence would effectively lessen the pressure on Warriors’ guard Stephen Curry to facilitate plays considering the former’s adequate passing abilities.

Speaking on how Siakam’s skillsets could help the Warriors, George remarked, “He could rebound, he could playmake. That’s a win for both sides. I think it works perfectly, playing with Steph, playing with Klay, they spread the floor evenly.”

Paul George
Paul George spoke on his podcast how all parties could benefit from a Kuminga – Siakam trade via Associated Press

Paul George, a player who gives credit where its due, emphasized Siakam’s potential to shine with the Warriors as he would be getting the honor to share the court with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, making him the 2nd or 3rd option, thereby eliminating the pressure of scoring on Siakam.

Pascal Siakam
The Warriors are reluctant to include Kuminga in a trade for Siakam via USA Today Sports

For the Raptors, as the Clippers’ star suggests, it will be an acquisition for the future with respect to their recent trade history. In a stunning recent trade with the Knicks, the Raptors added talented youngsters RJ Barett and Immanuel Quickley to their roster, and Kuminga’s addition would only supplement their current roster.

For Kuminga, it would create quite an opportunity to develop in an elite environment, especially with his recent comments regarding his lack of game time. With the potential inclusion of Kuminga, the eight-time All-Star George seemed quite optimistic when he said, “That could be a fun team in the years to come.”

Mavs show interest in Siakam

Meanwhile, news broke out that the Dallas Mavericks are on the hunt for a power forward, namely Toronto Raptors star, Pascal Siakam. The Dallas Mavericks are keen on adding adequate firepower to their roster before the playoffs approach and want to make necessary moves to strengthen their team.

Grant Williams has fallen out of the team’s rotation and the Mavs’ want to add a star who is versatile on both ends of the court along with Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving. However, with the Mavericks, other teams such as the Atlanta Hawks and Golden State Warriors are also hesitant to trade for the Raptors star considering his contract status.

Luka Doncic
The Mavs have shown interest in trading for Pascal Siakam via USA Today Sports

The Cameroonian basketball player, who is 29 years old, is in the last year of his contract before he enters free agency, and teams are unsure of taking such a risk when the player’s commitments are in doubt. While it is unknown which franchise will acquire Siakam’s exceptional services, it is quite certain that Siakam’s tenure with the Raptors will be coming to an end sooner or later.

Pascal Siakam
Siakam is on the last year of his contract with the Raptors via Getty Images

If the Raptors play their cards right, they would be able to trade Siakam in return for other role players or future draft picks. Wait too long and Siakam will be leaving the Raptors for free.

What are your thoughts on this trade saga? Which team should trade for Pascal Siakam? We are eager to know your thoughts and opinions, so do not hesitate to comment below.

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