WWE Legend declares LeBron James greater than Michael Jordan in GOAT debate

WWE legend Ric Flair has entered the debate between King LeBron James and the great Michael Jordan. He picked the side of the Lakers star which surprised a lot of fans, as Flair would have seen Jordan in his prime.

However, the WWE legend maintained his stance of being team LeBron, who has been a basketball enthusiast his whole life and has expressed his love for the sport. He later explained the reason for siding with the all-time leading scorer of the NBA.

LeBron James gets the nod over Michael Jordan

WWE legend Ric Flair appeared on the “Club Shay Shay” podcast hosted by NFL legend Shannon Sharpe. The two legends of their respective sports talked about a lot of topics, and one of them was the decade-long raging debate of LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan. Flair made it very clear which side he was on with a few clever statements. He said, “A 6’8 and 265 lbs against a 6’6 and 215 lbs, I know that he (Jordan) was unreal, but what more records does LeBron need to break.”

It was surprising for many fans given the relationship Flair has with North Carolina. Flair remained firm on his stance when Shannon asked him openly to make a choice between James and Jordan. Flair said, “I’ve got LeBron, yeah. I mean, I do not know what else that man can do.” LeBron has had arguably the most decorated career in the NBA, he has won several individual awards and four NBA championships other than those for which he has broken the most records in the NBA.

LeBron James
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SAS admits LeBron’s 21st season makes him nervous

Everybody knows how big of a Michael Jordan supporter sports analyst Stephen A. Smith is. The popular pundit is always taking the side of MJ whenever somebody mentions the GOAT debate. However, in an interview with Kevin Garnett, Smith revealed that LeBron James’ longevity and his performance in his 21st season have him nervous.

Smith was talking to Garnett through video conferencing, and he said, “You know how I am all about MJ, but I will say it for you… I have been watching LeBron a lot lately and I have been going like this (biting his fingernails). Aw sh**! He is in his 21st season, what the h**l is going on here?” Smith has openly expressed his views on the GOAT debate on many occasions he has always sided with Michael Jordan as his number 1 and LeBron as his his number 2 but the way Bron has been performing lately he can shake things a bit.

What do you think of Ric Flair’s take on LeBron James vs Michael Jordan? Do you think Bron could ever surpass MJ and end the GOAT debate? We are eager to hear from you, so drop down in the comments and let us know.

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