Helmut Marko unveils Lewis Hamilton’s Red Bull demand amid bold claim of Max Verstappen

Since 2021, a fierce competition has unfolded between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, the two dominant forces in the racing world. Despite an unspoken rivalry, there is often speculation about the dynamics if both of them were part of the same team.

However, Helmut Marko recently disclosed intriguing information that reached headlines. According to Marko, Hamilton has set a condition for joining Red Bull in the future.

Marko claims Hamilton explored Red Bull’s move under one key condition

The public was shocked after Christian Horner disclosed that Hamilton reached out to him about joining Red Bull before finalizing the renewal of his contract with Mercedes. The situation became worse after Toto Wolff, the head of the Silver Arrows, openly expressed anger in response to Horner’s claims. Wolff also shared that there had been a missed opportunity for the pairing of both drivers; however, now it was next to impossible.

Horner soon cleared up the misconception by stating firmly that it was Hamilton’s father, Anthony, who had spoken to him regarding the offer. Helmut Marko, an important figure on the team who has been supporting Horner and sharing his burden of responsibilities, confirmed that Horner’s statement was indeed truthful.

Marko then disclosed the seven-time World Champion’s condition if he were to join the unstoppable Red Bull team. He said, “I can only say that Christian Horner told me in January about a text message he received from Hamilton‘s entourage.” 

“It seemed authorized by the driver. There was talk of a condition that Hamilton set: he only wanted to drive for Red Bull if he also got the same material [money] as Max Verstappen. For me, at least, there was no doubt that the request from the Hamilton side was serious.”

Verstappen brushes off Lewis Hamilton comparison

Lewis Hamilton’s performance has steadily declined in the past few years as a Silver Arrow racer, to the extent that his last Grand Prix victory dates back two years. Even though the public has consistently compared both Hamilton and Verstappen, raising conspicuous theories to prove their points.

The British driver showcased his abilities with 15 spectacular overtakes at the Las Vegas GP. This serves as evidence that he still possesses the abilities of a remarkable driver. However, this has led everyone to ponder what the Briton could achieve if he had a car that could rival Verstappen’s.

There have been rumours circulating in the Formula One news about a potential move for Lewis to move to Red Bull. Hence, when questioned by Verstappen whether he could defeat Hamilton with the same machinery, the Dutchman replied with glimmering confidence, “What do I need to prove? I’ve got nothing to prove, I think.”

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