Zack Moss ready to ‘help’ Joe Burrow in next NFL season as ex-Colts RB joins Bengals

Last season, the Cincinnati Bengals faced significant challenges, especially with Joe Burrow’s premature exit due to a season-ending wrist surgery. Since then, the Bengals have been seeking to usher in a new chapter. Hence, he made a strategic move by parting ways with veteran player Joe Mixon and appointing Zack Moss to fill his role.

Following his arrival in Cincinnati, the former Indianapolis Colts player is determined to play a pivotal role in helping his new team reclaim its legacy and return to the pinnacle of success in the NFL.

Zack Moss believes he can help Bengals

Zack Moss has inked a promising two-year deal worth up to $8 million with the Cincinnati Bengals. The running back expressed his eagerness to contribute to the Bengals’ success in the upcoming season. 

Whether it’s running the ball, catching passes, or providing protection for quarterback Joe Burrow, Moss is committed to making a meaningful impact for the Bengals.

“I can help this team. If it’s catching the ball, running the ball, trying to keep Joe (Burrow) clean as much as I can with the big guys up front, whatever my role is being called that week, that’s what I’m going to try and do.”

With the Bengals ranking 31st in rushing yards last season, Moss’ addition comes as a strategic move to bolster the team’s ground game.  He brings depth and versatility to the Bengals’ backfield, offering a potential on-field upgrade.

Moreover, his signing presents a win-win situation for the Bengals, providing cost-effective reinforcement while freeing up salary cap space for other roster needs. As the Bengals aim to reclaim their status as Super Bowl contenders, Moss’ presence could prove pivotal in elevating Cincinnati’s offensive prowess and overall competitiveness in the league.

Zack Moss performance last NFL season

During the 2023 NFL season, Zack Moss stepped up for the Indianapolis Colts in the absence of starting running back Jonathan Taylor, who was sidelined due to injuries. He was the main guy carrying the ball and really showed off his skills and ability. By the end of the season, he was the top rusher for the Colts with some pretty impressive stats.

Throughout the season, he recorded 183 rushing attempts, 794 yards, and 5 touchdowns in 14 appearances. With each opportunity, he proved himself as a capable stand-in, delivering crucial contributions to the team’s success. Notably, Moss also proved his versatility as a dual-threat running back, contributing 27 receptions for 192 yards and 2 touchdowns through the air, per ESPN.

Over expectations, the veteran RB led the league in rush yards in the first seven weeks of last season. The ex-Colts player also ranked eighth in rushing yards over expectations with 129.

Moss has had outstanding performances since joining the Colts in 2022, including a career-best 165-yard rushing effort against the Titans.

How he and Burrow work together in Cincinnati to help the Bengals recover is unknown.

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