Ryan Garcia reveals traumatic childhood experience to George Janko amid NYC Commission controversy

Ryan Garcia’s strange behavior preluding his WBC super lightweight title fight against the undefeated Devin Haney has been the talk of the town. Garcia’s beliefs in conspiracy theories and unbelievable revelations on social media have had fans and family worried about his mental state.

One of those who deeply care about Garica is the internet personality, George Janko. Recently, Ryan Garcia revealed more disturbing information regarding childhood trauma he faced while responding to Janko’s call to sit and talk things over.

Ryan Garcia shares rare insight with George Janko

Georga Janko is a close friend of Ryan Garcia, and he was particularly concerned about the boxer’s mental state even after Garcia provided ‘proof’ for the allegations he made about pedophiles and devil worshipers.

Janko has been very vocal about meeting Garcia in person and tweeted about it to which Garcia tweeted a surprise revelation. “I know I got raped at two, I know things happened to me I don’t have to show you that shit”, Garcia tweeted much to the surprise of the boxing community.

Garcia went on to talk about evil in the world and even expressed his disappointment at not having Janko by his side to fight against it. Moreover, he urged Janko to consider his case of sexual assault to understand it and help him fight it.

Earlier Jake Shields, a former UFC veteran, recently came forth and stated that Garcia’s condition is a result of smoking weed. Moreover, he even mentioned that two of his friends had a similar problem but stopped as soon as they stopped smoking weed. Although the original root and seriousness of Garcia’s strange behavior remains unresolved, NYC State Athletic Commission did try to evaluate his mental well-being, but to no avail.

Ryan Garcia and NYC Commission’s controversy explained

Ryan Garcia’s strange behavior before his fight against Devin Haney caught the attention of the New York State Athletic Commission. The commission wanted to conduct a mental evaluation of the boxer as he will be fighting in their jurisdiction at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York.

Garcia swiftly responded to the commission’s demands as he threatened to sue the commission as he believed it to be an infringement of his constitutional rights as per Fox News. Garcia’s point was that the commission had no basis to evaluate his mental status for his social media activity as it violated the right to free speech.

Garcia’s belief in the Bohemian Grove controversy and social media activities in which Garcia made claims of being kidnapped and his family being threatened was one of the main reasons why the commission demanded a psychological evaluation.

Mauricio Sulaiman, the WBC President, gave his support to Garcia and even revealed that he would intervene on behalf of the boxer. Sulaiman’s entry into the controversy is likely due to fear of the scrapping of the anticipated fight between Garcia and Haney.

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