Adult industry icon makes her feelings clear after the Rock’s intentions comes to surface

Social media was ablaze with excitement due to The Rock’s return to WWE, and fans eagerly anticipated his matchup with Roman Reigns. These plans were disrupted by Cody Rhodes’ victory at the Royal Rumble, leaving many feeling dissatisfied with the fact that the People’s champion seemed ready to take Rhodes’ position.

Recently, an adult industry icon’s name entered the discussion. Popular adult actress Ava Addams responded angrily to reports that The Rock is continuing to headline WrestleMania 40 despite criticism, harshly blaming him for prioritizing money over fan desires.

Adult film star takes shot at the Rock

Lately, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s life has been absolutely crazy. In addition to taking back control of his stage name by joining the board of directors for the TKO group, he caused a lot of debate by going back to WWE to fight Roman Reigns.

Recently, he was accused by adult film star Ava Addams of putting fan demands second to financial gain when he made his choice. The popularity of wrestling in the United States is evident from the trending hashtag #WeWantCody.

The Rock
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Like many other fans who voiced their disapproval online, Addams was outspoken in her criticism of The Rock’s WrestleMania participation. Besides her, countless supporters in the arena held placards in favor of Rhodes, and even a former NFL champion weighed in.

The overwhelming disapproval of WWE’s YouTube video and the unfavorable response to the Great One’s stint on last week’s SmackDown demonstrate the immense disappointment felt by wrestling fans.

The Rock and Roman Reigns to come face-to-face at WrestleMania 40 Kickoff

The Rock’s possible substitution for Cody Rhodes in Roman Reigns’ match at WrestleMania has fans dissatisfied, but they may soon get more clarity. In preparation for the major WrestleMania launch event, The Rock has already landed in Las Vegas.

The Brahma Bull stepped out of a private plane in true style and was ready for anything that came his way. The Rock hinted that the news conference would be a watershed moment in a video that WWE released, expressing his enthusiasm for the event.

The Rock
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The Rock will be speaking to the media with Roman Reigns and Paul “Triple H” Levesque, who is the chief content officer of WWE. Additional WWE superstars, including Cody Rhodes and Seth Rollins, will be available for in-person interviews as well.

Recent creative actions may have surprising reasons but WWE is making every effort to handle complaints from fans. Peacock will be airing the livestream of the meeting at 7 p.m. EST. Leave a comment below if you have any guesses on the outcome of the upcoming WrestleMania Kickoff.

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