The Undertaker emphasizes to see Women’s Intercontinental & U.S. Titles in WWE’s new era

It appears that following the triumphant WrestleMania event, the Undertaker is sharing his post-WrestleMania musings one by one on his podcast. His presence at the 40th edition of WrestleMania marked his involvement in WWE’s new era. To add to the thrill of this new age, he recently proposed a unique idea on his podcast, suggesting the introduction of Women’s Intercontinental & U.S. titles.

Since the revolution in the middle of the 2010s, the women’s division of WWE has grown tremendously. But there’s still space for growth, particularly in light of the lack of fresh championship titles. Many talents in the division find themselves lost without these opportunities by the time. So, in the recent Six Feet Under podcast, the Undertaker pushed for certain changes and proposed two new titles.

He emphasized that Bayley, Lynch, Morgan, Belair, Stratton, and Cargill have ensured the division’s success despite recent injuries to Rhea Ripley and Charlotte Flair. However, the absence of midcard titles remains a topic of discussion, prompting the Hall of Famer to say, “The division [is] deep. I would like to see a Women’s Intercontinental Champion, and possibly, because there are two brands, a Women’s US Champion.”

The idea of adding more titles has been discussed before. Despite the Undertaker’s previous suggestion of introducing two new championships, the former WWE star proposed a WWE Women’s Intercontinental Championship in 2022.

Dana Brooke revealed her vision for new mid-card titles in Women’s Division

Fifteen-time champion, Dana Brooke won her 24/7 Championship in November 2021. After a year, the reigning 24/7 Champion spoke with Steve Fall of NBC Sports Boston about her desire to make the women’s division championship a more significant award by transforming her title into an Intercontinental Championship.

She emphasized, “I’ve been wanting to transition the 24/7 Title into an IC title…..We have the tag team titles, but not everyone is teamed up. You have the storylines that are going for the women’s titles, but the rest are just little stories in the mix. Why not go for an IC Title?”

However, do you think Triple H should come up with the Undertaker’s suggestion of introducing Women’s Intercontinental & U.S. Titles? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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