After beefing with Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, Edge, Grayson Waller trolls CM Punk following WWE Payback

Last week, one of the most decorated superstars in the pro wrestling industry, CM Punk, was fired from AEW due to some physical altercations with fellow performer Jack Perry during the historic All In London event, which caused huge havoc.

However, as the veteran has left AEW, fans are hoping to see him return very soon to the ring and continue his legacy in this promotion.

Grayson Waller cheekily pokes CM Punk

AEW has recently terminated CM Punk after the wrestler got involved in a backstage brawl with another wrestler after the promotion’s biggest event ‘All In’ which was held in London. Confirming that AEW CEO Tony Khan has released the veteran star a video was uploaded. In the video, Khan said that a legal investigation recommended releasing Punk, but the decision was his alone.

Taking to Twitter after a segment with Jey Uso, Grayson Waller spoke about being attacked during his show and demanded that Jey Uso be immediately fired from WWE. In case his nods to Punk weren’t clear enough, Waller soothed his swollen jaw with a refreshing can of Pepsi as the cola brand is closely associated with the former AEW star.

The Pepsi Logo tattoo near CM Punk’s left shoulder is probably his most famous tattoo and the tattoo also puts more emphasis on his Straight Edge beliefs. Waller poked Punk with that Pepsi can as he was demanding Jey Uso to leave WWE.

CM Punk’s firing raised potential WWE return speculations

After it was announced that the former AEW Champion CM Punk had been fired, fans expressed their disappointment at the decision, as Tony Khan faced a huge amount of backlash. Now that the superstar has left the promotion, different rumors have been circulating regarding his career. But the biggest question is whether Punk will return to the WWE.

However, there is a slim possibility of him joining WWE. Back when CM Punk ended his association with WWE in early 2014, he was one of the biggest stars in the pro wrestling industry. As he walked out of WWE, it was speculated that it could have been due to his creative differences with Vince McMahon and also his son-in-law, Triple H.

Even though Triple H and CM Punk had real real-life feud at that time, their differences probably came to an end earlier this year. It was reported that the former WWE star was backstage for the April 24 episode of RAW, and he even met Triple H.

In an unexpected turn of events, the former rivals shook hands and talked to each other in a good manner. As Punk had a good interaction with The Game, it seems that they’ve settled their past differences. If that’s the situation, there won’t be any issues in Punk’s path of making a return to WWE, and he could be considering the option.

Do you think CM Punk will join WWE again? Let us know your thoughts on it in the comment section below!

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