Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal: who are the confirmed participants for the trophy contest?

The next SmackDown edition will include the unique yearly event as WrestleMania draws near. It’s the famous Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, and the winner gets a trophy they can keep forever. It will be the best part of the SmackDown on April 5.

While the Battle Royal has usually been part of WrestleMania’s kickoff festivities, this year it served as the main event of the WM 40 go-home SmackDown episode. The official lineup for this epic confrontation has been revealed, setting the stage for a memorable battle.

Who are confirmed participants in Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal?

The André the Giant Memorial Battle Royal, which has been a fixture of WrestleMania since 2014, will be returning to Friday Night SmackDown before WrestleMania XL. This royal combat is a tribute to the great André The Giant, a wrestler renowned for his towering height and terrifying presence on the mat.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
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With twenty superstars competing for the coveted Andre the Giant trophy, the anticipation for this year’s battle royal is rising as WWE has revealed the roster. The contest will be more surprising since it features well-known characters who have been off television for a while.

Talents like Apollo Crews, Ashante “Thee” Adonis, and Cedric Alexander will be performing for the audience. Not only are the returning stars drawing attention, but the list also includes some amazing personalities that will undoubtedly make the battle royal a spectacular show to remember.

Here is WWE’s official list of all the contestants:

  • Cedric Alexander
  • Ashante “Thee” Adonis
  • Kit Wilson
  • Elton Prince
  • Cameron Grimes
  • Veer
  • Sangha
  • Julius Creed
  • Brutus Creed
  • Ivar
  • Akira Tozawa
  • Otis
  • J.D. McDonagh
  • Apollo Crews
  • Andrade
  • Ricochet
  • Chad Gable
  • Bronson Reed
  • Shinsuke Nakamura
  • Omos

As for who will emerge victorious this year, it’s anyone’s guess, but last year, Bobby Lashley executed his ring strategy very well to claim victory. Looking back at the winners from previous years, many of them have been powerhouse wrestlers like Lashley.

Who are past winners of Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal?

The first Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal took place at WrestleMania 30 to honor one of WWE’s most famous stars, André The Giant. The event is always exciting to watch since it features unexpected guests, such as NXT talents and returning favorites.

Even after all these revisions of the battle royal, the 2014 original remains the gold standard. Unexpectedly, Cesaro won the match, and the moment when he lifted Big Show out of the ring was nothing short of exciting. Big Show’s triumph the very next year was a suitable response to his comparison to Andre The Giant.

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal
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In 2016, Baron Corbin won this match as a non-main roster star, which pushed him into the limelight and caused him to make an instant impact on the main roster. Moreover, Matt Hardy’s victory in 2018 was memorable for his significant role throughout the match.

The next year, Braun Strowman’s victory was not surprising considering the threatening presence he had. The latest addition to the famous history of the battle royal included Bobby Lashley’s victory in the 10th edition when he eliminated Bronson Reed last.

Who do you think shines the brightest in the Battle Royal? Share your opinion in the comment section.

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