Antonio Pierce coaching staff: what does Marvin Lewis bring to the table for Raiders?

The Las Vegas Raiders haven’t had the best of seasons in 2023. The entire team has blown hot and cold over the course of the season, which has prompted a change in administration by the front office. Rookie Antonio Pierce has been placed at the helm of the faltering outfit, and he looks to have adapted well to the new role.

Another good thing done by the Raiders front office is assembling a team of experienced coaches alongside Pierce, which includes a certain Marvin Lewis, who has previously coached the Cincinnati Bengals.

What does Marvin Lewis’ Raiders appointment mean?

The Las Vegas Raiders are on track to be one of the smartest teams this offseason by recruiting some of the most potent talent on the coaching spectrum right now. Alongside Antonio Pierce as head coach, they have recruited Marvin Lewis, who is known for doing wonders back in Cincinnati.

The two have known each other for a long time, having worked together in Washington as well. Moreover, a 16-year coaching experience would also be a good education in coaching for a rookie HC like Pierce. One thing is for certain: the Silver and Black would look to win it all this season, and the only thing that remains to make all the other pieces fall into place is a competent GM.

How Raiders are filling experienced heads around Antonio Pierce?

It seems like the Las Vegas Raiders might have finally cracked the code for what makes the team click. At least for the upcoming season, it looks like having a group of experienced coaches around the rookie HC who is willing to take risks might be the plan to move forward.

Following the hiring of Pierce as head coach, Mark Davis swiftly turned his attention to securing a new general manager, successfully recruiting Tom Telesco from the Los Angeles Chargers. With Telesco now in place, his primary focus has been to recruit an offensive coordinator.

According to Sports Illustrated, the Raiders are set to hire Kliff Kingsbury as their new offensive coordinator in Las Vegas. Kingsbury, the former head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, spent the previous season on the coaching staff at USC, where he had the opportunity to work alongside potential No. 1 overall draft pick Caleb Williams.

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