Are John Cena and Randy Orton real-life friends? Exploring their wrestling journey

John Cena and Randy Orton joined the Stamford-based company around the same time; Cena signed a developmental contract in 2001 and Randy began his instructional program in 2002. Both wrestlers have fought each other several times over the years and are known for their intense rivalries in WWE storylines. 

Though they’ve clashed fiercely inside the brutal squared circle of WWE, their encounters outside the ring paint a different picture.

Are John Cena and Randy Orton buddies in real life?

John Cena and Randy Orton have known each other for 23 years, and together they share a lot of memories, both good and bad, throughout the years. Although they have managed to inflict tons of damage on each other during their matches, outside the ring, they are very good friends. Since John is absent from the in-ring action most of the time, Randy wishes to fight Cena one last time in WrestleMania. 

As WWE mainly follows scripted actions, it requires certain athletes to perform with a compelling attitude to make the fans believe that their actions are genuine. This type of chemistry is hard to come by; however, ‘The Viper’ and ‘The Champ’ have managed to portray themselves as both archenemies and tag teams multiple times during the Ruthless Aggression Era and PG Era.

During Randy Orton’s 20th anniversary on WWE, the ‘Leader of Cenation’ gave a heartfelt message to his friend/rival on a Twitter post. The post portrayed his true feelings and respect for his friend. The caption read, “For 20 years @RandyOrton has cemented his legacy as 1 of the greatest @WWE Superstars ever. I have the utmost respect for every achievement he’s earned & CONTINUES to earn. But my genuine love & admiration for him is in his maturity & growth as a human being. Here’s to RKO!”

On June 28, 2022, ‘The Apex Predator’ posted a video on Twitter titled “Thank you, John Cena”. The clip showed Orton addressing the ‘Hustle, Loyalty, Respect Soldier’, and thanking him for being a great friend and supporter throughout the year. He ended the video by saying “Here’s to the Future”.

How did John Cena and Randy Orton start their wrestling journey?

John Cena and Randy Orton have clashed 19 times throughout their WWE career. Several matches between them are considered iconic to the WWE fans. From their “I Quit” match to the “Hell in a Cell” match to the ‘Tables Only’ match to their “Iron Man” match, each holds a special place in fans’ hearts that watched them grow both as a performer and an athlete.

Their last clash against each other saw them duking it out on the February 7, 2017 edition of Friday Night Smack. The match saw both wrestlers outlasting and outperforming one another and near the climax of the match, the late Bray Wyatt interfered in Randy’s favor, however, WWE legend Luke Harper helped Cena get his victory at the end.

Over the years, John Cena has transitioned his career into Hollywood, and Randy Orton has outgrown his ruthless persona during this time. A while back, Orton offered Cena a collab on OnlyFans, following John’s upcoming movie. Even though it has been a long time since their fight, WWE fans still love the iconic duos of the company, who have transcended from their normal level and are guaranteed WWE future Hall of Famers. 

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