Bayley welcomes former AEW star Jade Cargill to WWE while taking a shot at Charlotte Flair

Former AEW superstar Jade Cargill has signed a multiyear contract with WWE. Jade was always very eager to perform in WWE, but now her dreams have now been realized after she left AEW.

With the announcement of Cargill’s arrival in the Stamford-based promotion, many pro wrestling figures have welcomed her and wished her a good journey with the new promotion. However, WWE superstar Bayley killed two birds with one stone by writing her a welcome note while also taking a shot at Charlotte Flair.

Bayley sends a welcome note to former AEW star Jade Cargill to WWE after official signing

The WWE has announced a multi-year deal with former AEW superstar Jade Cargill. The female superstar has recently been released from All Elite Wrestling. Many WWE superstars have reacted to the announcement post and welcomed Jade in the promotion. WWE superstar Bayley also welcomed the former AEW star, but she didn’t forget to take a slight dig at Charlotte Flair.

Bayley aka The Role Model retweeted the official announcement post from WWE and advised Jade Cargill to see next Friday Night SmackDown show. She also wrote that she would beat The Queen.

“Hello, I am the Tree of Life here in the WWE. A pleasure to meet you. Please feel free to watch very closely this Friday as I break down that cheating, nosey, idiot @MsCharlotteWWE. Enjoy!!!!!!!!! And welcome………”, Bayley wrote on X/Twitter.

Jade replied to the tweet with a small twist where she called her role model and a threat at the same time.

“Warm welcome from a ‘role model’. Heard from my friends you’re also one to look out for. 😎”, Jade Cargill wrote as she quoted Bayley’s tweet.

Now this leaves a possibility of a Bayley and Cargill rivalry in the upcoming storylines.

Bayley takes a shot at “cheating, nosey, idiot” Charlotte Flair

While welcoming former AEW female superstar Jade Cargill, Bayley took a slight hit at Charlotte Flair aka The Queen. The Role Model called her a cheater, nosey, and an idiot. There is a very definite reason for her hate and it all started a few months ago.

In June the Damage CTRL faction cut off some hair of Shotzi in an episode of Friday Night SmackDown. Blackheart was very eager to take revenge on the faction and she finally got her opportunity on September’s first SmackDown episode.

During that match Damage CTRL member Iyo Sky was ringside and interfered in the match several times. After a few minutes, Charlotte Flair made an entrance and kicked Iyo in the face which caused some distraction for The Role Model. Shortzi was able to utilize that opportunity and secured the victory. This incident sparked the rivalry as Bayley was frustrated at her defeat and blamed The Queen for that.

Now both superstars are going face to face on the next episode of the Blue Brand of WWE this Friday.

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