Becky Lynch Injury: WWE star receives ‘11 stitches’ after hard-earned win vs. Tiffany Stratton at NXT No Mercy

Yesterday’s WWE NXT No Mercy was a very successful premium live event. The event had two main event matches and one of those matches was slotted for the NXT Women’s Championship. Becky Lynch and Tiffany Stratton were part of that match, where Lynch was able to successfully defend her NXT Women’s Championship title.

However, The Man suffered a serious injury to her arm as the match was an Extreme Rules match and several weapons were used according to the theme of the match.

Becky Lynch’s injury update

Following a great title defense at NXT No Mercy against Tiffany Stratton in an Extreme Rules match, the current NXT Women’s champion, Becky Lynch, suffered a serious injury.

According to a recent report by Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Becky Lynch has suffered a laceration on her arm and got about 11 stitches to close up following her Extreme Rules NXT Championship match yesterday. It was also added that The Man appears to be fine.

“Becky Lynch got about 11 stitches after tonight’s NXT No Mercy title match, Fightful Select has learned. A gutsy performance” wrote Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful.

Becky Lynch beats Tiffany Stratton

WWE female superstar Becky Lynch, aka The Man, retains her NXT Women’s Championship title in NXT Mo Mercy’s second main event. Former champion Tiffany Stratton was her opponent in the match. The match was an Extreme Rules match.

The battle between them was very brutal as they were allowed to use different kinds of weapons according to the rules of the match. Becky Lynch started to beat Tiffany with weapons after the match started. Soon both superstars brawled outside the ring for a few minutes. After that, Tiffany used a kendo stick to beat The Man and after that, Lynch also used a toolbox to deliver some lethal attack.

The match was getting serious as Tiffany started bleeding after receiving an attack on her temple. They also used chairs, trash cans, barbwire baseball bats, and many other weapons to beat each other. At the climax of the match, Stratton missed a moonsault and The Man delivered a manhandle slam on a stack of chairs, which helped Lynch secure her victory.

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