Bills Pro Bowl Safety reveals Jets QB Aaron Rodgers encouraged him to try plant medicine ‘Ayahuasca’ in life-changing experience to heal injuries

Aaron Rodgers has always been one of those characters in the NFL who has been hard to understand, especially by the media. However, his performances on the gridiron have more than made up for his comments and the antics he gets up to.

During recuperating from one of his injuries, Aaron Rodgers talked about how he relied on plant-based medicine to recover faster and how he had never felt better in his life. It turns out he shared this controversial stance with a lot of his colleagues, including Buffalo Bills safety Jordan Poyer, who now swears by his advice.

Jordan Poyer says Aaron Rodgers introduced him to Ayahuasca

Jordan Poyer, the starting safety for the Buffalo Bills this season, has had his own share of struggles with alcoholism and reckless behavior, which have been well-documented by the media in recent times. However, in a recent conversation about his condition, he revealed that the 32-year-old’s personal life has now taken a turn for the better, all thanks to Aaron Rodger’s advice.

Speaking on “The Ones” show, Poyer talked about his struggles and how Aaron Rodgers helped him back up. He said, “I was this close to losing my family, I’m talking about my wife, my daughter.”

About Ayahuasca, he said, “Aaron Rodgers opened me up to plant medicine and Ayahuasca. I know a lot of people who say Aaron Rodgers is crazy or whatever, but I’m putting this documentary together to help us understand that there are thousands of ways to heal.”

“Aaron Rodgers was right in what he was talking about the medicine. A lot of people wrote him off and a lot of people still think that he’s crazy, but I was interested so I went to him,” he quipped.

Update on Aaron Rodgers injury

More than seven weeks after tearing his ACL in his first possible appearance for the New York Jets, star QB Aaron Rodgers is reported to be ahead of schedule in his recovery. However, he still has a “long way to go” before making it back to the gridiron and plying his trade for the Jets, who are ailing in his absence.

After the game between the Jets and the New York Giants last week, Rodgers spoke about his recovery journey. He said, “I really started to progress kind of back on to what I was doing a few days before that and that was honestly the goal was to kind of just keep on getting better, be able to do a little bit more. I’ve been doing a little bit more in my rehab and feeling like I can get into a little abbreviated left/right, left/ right drop.”

“And it just felt normal to be out there and mess around with Timmy (Boyle) a little bit and play catch. Feel like I was a part of it — that’s what’s it’s all about. That’s why I’ve been flying back here to see the guys, encourage them, be on the headset. For me, that’s just fun to be able to feel like I was kind of part of it and not too distant from the squad.” he added.

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