Dillon Danis calls for fraud charges against Logan Paul despite promoting NFT scams himself

Dillon Danis and Logan Paul recently engaged in a highly anticipated crossover boxing bout in MF & DAZN: X Series 10 – The Prime Card. The bout ended in a DQ victory for Paul, but that did not stop Danis from going at Paul in the aftermath of the bout.

The bout received attention because of Danis’ comments about Nina Agdal, the fiancee of Logan Paul. Now, Danis is taunting Logan Paul, referencing the alleged NFT scam that Paul was accused of. Interestingly, Danis has also faced allegations of NFT scams.

Dillon Danis calls for fraud charges against Logan Paul

A jury has handed down a guilty verdict to Sam Bankman-Fried, founder of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX. Sam Bankman-Fried was once a leading figure in the cryptocurrency realm. Dillon Danis has taken this news to attack Logan Paul on X, formerly Twitter.

Danis shared the news on Platform X with the caption, “Logan Paul next.” Danis is implying that Logan Paul may face future arrest for scamming. He previously accused Paul of cheating during the weigh-ins for their bout and has also filed an appeal regarding the result of the boxing match.

Even though Danis enjoyed fans’ support before his fight with Paul, he lost most of it mainly due to his forgettable boxing performance. Moreover, his use of grappling techniques in the bout was brutally criticized.

Danis is at present facing defamation charges by Nina Agdal. It has been reported that the lawsuit would cost thousands of dollars for Danis. Many have called for Logan Paul to drop the lawsuit in the aftermath of the bout. However, no official confirmation of it has been made.

Fans say Dillon Danis pushed NFT frauds himself

Dillon Danis’ tweet did not go unnoticed by the MMA community, who brutally roasted Danis for being a scammer himself. It needs to be noted that Danis trolling Paul for scamming was considered ironic by many.

One fan reminded Danis of the many scam projects he has been part of. The fan posted a collage of the almost 20 different scam projects in the comment section of Danis’ post with the caption, “Wanna talk about the 20 projects you promoted that ended up just getting the rug pulled and you deleting the tweets for evidence then?”

Another fan commented, “Bro youre legit just as bad of a scammer, coffee zilla did ya dirty lmao”. Coffeezilla is a YouTuber who exposes scams on YouTube. Interestingly, Coffeezilla in a recent video exposed both Paul and Danis as scammers.

Funnily enough, one fan even commented about the lawsuit he is facing against Agdal. The comment read, “and you will go broke in the lawsuit”. Danis has already stated that the lawsuit will cost almost half a million dollars.

Do you really think Dillon Danis has a future in Combat Sports after his controversial remarks on social media? Do comment below!


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