Bobby Lashley vows to take down Karrion Kross with ‘worst time of wrestling career’ now over

At WrestleMania 40, WWE has the opportunity to showcase its greatest performers in an electrifying two-night spectacular. Surprisingly, some big names like Bobby Lashley are still missing from the lineup, which is frustrating for him.

Given his prior reputation for ring domination, it seems like Lashley is keen to revert to that character. Recently, Lashley’s calm approach has allowed opponents like Kross to gain an advantage. To dominate the ring again, he wants to revive his former aggression, which defeated many big names on the circuit.

Bobby Lashley ready to go back to his old ways

Being renowned for his rough temperament, Bobby Lashley is not the kind of person to back down from a challenge. Over the course of many months, he and The Street Profits have been engaged in a fierce rivalry with Karrion Kross and The Final Testament. Recently, tensions reached their highest point when Kross attacked Lashley backstage during the SmackDown show, and he didn’t make it to the Street Profits match.

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This led to The Street Profits’ loss against Austin Theory and Grayson Waller, costing them a chance at WrestleMania 40. It’s clear that something’s missing – the fierce and dominant Lashley we’ve known seems to have faded away. The Lashley we remember never paid attention to wrestlers like Kross because he was a force to be reckoned with in the wrestling world. The solution is simple: bring back the Boss once more.

So, in a private conversation on SmackDown after Street Profit’s defeat, Lashley talked about how upset he was and promised to change a lot about himself to get over this setback. He warned Kross by noting, “Let me tell you one thing. It’s gonna be a different me, and it starts with you, Kross. Next time I see you and AOP…the old me is coming back. I’m destroying you, I’m destroying everybody else in my way. I was the champion for a reason. I’m gonna get back to being the person I was before, whether you like me or not.”

The level of intensity that would develop between them by WrestleMania was completely unexpected when their rivalry began in January. Now, the revamped Karrion Kross is really putting the pressure on Bobby Lashley.

Bobby Lashley and Karrion Kross feud explored

Bobby Lashley and Karrion Kross have been feuding since the beginning of 2024. Things started on New Year’s Revolution when Kross introduced The Final Testament, his faction that included The Authors of Pain. They attacked Lashley and The Street Profits, which paved the way for a violent competition between the two groups.

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The situation became even more heated when, on a WWE SmackDown broadcast in February, Kross used a chair to strike Lashley. This incident distracted the referee, allowing The AOP to win over The Street Profits. Since then, the rivalry has intensified and both parties are keen to get the score straight.

There were hints of a feud between them at WrestleMania last year, but it really got hot at the start of this year. Now that WrestleMania 40 is almost here, fans can’t wait to see how this plot continues to develop and hope that Lashley and Kross fight on the big stage in some way.


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