Charlotte Flair stands by her man during his WWE return, even with one crutch

Royal Rumble 2024 is living up to the anticipation when it comes to the expected returns. After almost three years away from WWE, Andrade Oropeza returned with a bang, much to everyone’s delight.

But unfortunately, Charlotte Flair’s injuries prevented her from attending the main event. Nonetheless, she was seen making her way backstage with her husband Andrade. Just before Andrade made his surprising return at the Royal Rumble, social media collected a touching moment between him and Charlotte.

Charlotte Flair filmed backstage at Royal Rumble

At the Royal Rumble, Andrade made a sensational comeback to WWE under the guidance of his wife, Charlotte Flair, who was present backstage. After his 2021 WWE run ended, he looked for AEW options before making a triumphant return. Andrade’s return brings depth to WWE’s already excellent roster and promises thrilling in-ring performances with his outstanding talents.

Charlotte Flair
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Charlotte Flair was still the center of attention, even though she couldn’t participate in the Royal Rumble due to an injury. The fourteen-time world champion showed her support for Andrade by helping him prepare backstage.

Reports from Fightful Select state that Andrade’s comeback to WWE was heavily influenced by Charlotte Flair. She supported her husband and had an impact on the arrangement that returned El Ídolo to the international wrestling circuit after his time at AEW.

Charlotte showing rapid recovery

On Friday Night SmackDown December 8, 2023, Charlotte Flair was involved in a bout with Asuka when she hurt her knee. An estimated nine months were lost due to her ruptured ACL, MCL, and meniscus. Flair has been using social media to keep fans updated on her recovery process after a successful surgery on January 5.

Photos and videos from Flair’s gym indicate a tremendous improvement after her operation, even if she missed the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 40. She returned to the gym in just over two weeks and crushed her weight goal with a 35-pound leg press. Her determination and speedy recuperation are shown in the pictures.

Charlotte Flair’s muscular body and dedication to training give the impression that she is willing to “destroy” and “rebuild,” as hinted at in her social media post. Though she has made an incredible recovery, the 14-time Women’s Champion’s ability to return to the ring before WrestleMania is still an open issue.

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