Chris Jericho shells out $5,000 for dear departed former colleague Virgil

Many in the wrestling community are saddened by the passing of WWE and WCW legend Virgil, also known as Michael Jones. Unfortunately, Virgil’s family is faced with the challenging task of covering his final expenses without life insurance. Wrestlers from both WWE and AEW have united to assist his family, and donations are pouring in from across the wrestling world.

Recently, AEW locker room captain Chris Jericho, a veteran of over three decades in the wrestling industry, displayed his charitable nature by contributing a substantial amount to Virgil’s burial costs.

Chris Jericho pays $5,000 for Virgil’s funeral

The tragic death of Virgil, well known as WWE bodyguard Ted DiBiase, was felt earlier this week throughout the wrestling community. Death at the age of 61 from problems including dementia and strokes shocked his legion of followers. Even though Virgil died without a hitch, his family was still stuck paying for his burial out of their own savings since he didn’t have life insurance. 

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As a way to support his grieving family, a GoFundMe campaign has been launched in response. While numerous contributions are flowing in from various sources, it’s noteworthy that Chris Jericho, the head of the Jericho Appreciation Society, generously donated $5,000 to cover Virgil’s burial expenses. In the aftermath of Virgil’s unexpected death, he, along with many other wrestlers, expressed his condolences.

Jericho noted on Instagram, “Sorry to hear about the passing of @realvirgil Mike Jones. During the early days of @aew, we used Mike (aka #SoulTrainJones) multiple times in the #InnerCircle story and he was essentially an honorary member.”

On Twitter, Jericho’s display of respect for the legend garnered widespread attention after his significant donation. Fans are praising Chris Jericho for his selfless generosity, describing him as a “genuine” individual with a kind heart who consistently supports other artists and families in need.

Some people are saying that he is always a kind guy and that the accusations against him are entirely false. Y2J’s top contribution may have earned him the affection of the crowd and Virgil’s family.

Chris Jericho previously donated on numerous occasions

A philanthropic figure in times of need, Chris Jericho has consistently demonstrated his generosity by making substantial donations. Always ready to lend a helping hand, Jericho has contributed to various causes, from aiding an independent wrestler with medical issues to supporting a family coping with a devastating loss.

While his) Jericho’s donation to Virgil’s family is significant, it’s not his largest philanthropic gesture. Chris has regularly given $5,000 to other deserving families, including the renowned Umaga’s, and contributed $10,000 to Damar Hamlin’s charity.

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Another example of Jericho’s selfless actions is the $2,500 he previously donated to another GoFundMe campaign to cover Steve “Mongo” McMichael’s medical bills. Jeremiah Jericho continues to prioritize creating a good influence and gaining the respect of fans and other wrestlers.

What are your thoughts on the significant charitable reaction that Chris Jericho has shown toward Virgil’s family? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. 

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