CM Punk provides spoilers for his first match since returning to WWE

CM Punk recently made his comeback at the Survivor Series WarGames 2023 event. Since then, he has been drawing huge crowds to WWE shows, even without fighting inside the ring, and gaining more fans every day.

This month, a match between The Second City Saint and Dominik Mysterio is highly anticipated in the WWE Universe. Recently, The Second City Saint may have accidentally revealed a sneak peek of his ring gear for the upcoming fight in a now-deleted post.

CM Punk gives away details of his first WWE match since returning

It has been a month since CM Punk returned to the WWE Universe. He has made appearances on Monday Night Raw, Friday Night SmackDown, and NXT Deadline, and has been making headlines since his appearances. WWE fans are always excited to see him in action, and they made him the top merchandise-selling WWE superstar of the month by buying his merchandise.

Next Tuesday, December 26th, CM Punk is scheduled to fight Dominik Mysterio as part of WWE’s Live Holiday Tour at Madison Square Garden. He will also be competing against Dominik Mysterio at the KIA Forum in Los Angeles on December 30th.

After this announcement, CM Punk took to his Instagram story and shared a now-deleted post where he hinted that he would be wearing his long pants for his WWE in-ring return. This post has got the fans crazy, as it is one of his iconic gears.

WWE Hall of Famer discusses CM Punk’s return

Veteran WWE superstar Eric Bischoff has recently praised CM Punk’s return to WWE. Despite being a vocal critic of Punk during his time in AEW and describing him as a financial flop for the company, Bischoff explained on the latest episode of ‘Strictly Business’ that Punk has had the opposite effect in WWE.

According to him, Punk is now a bona fide draw for the sports entertainment promotion as he said, “I’m going to go on record right now in saying that the acquisition of CM Punk by WWE might be one of the most financially successful acquisitions in the history of professional wrestling. Whoa, did I say that?”

Although Bischoff’s opinion about the controversial star has changed, he still stands by his previous remarks regarding Punk’s run in AEW. Bischoff compared Punk’s recent return to WWE to his debut in AEW, highlighting that his current employer understands how to effectively capitalize on his full financial potential.

“The difference, and the answer to that question, lies in the CM Punk that I saw when he first showed up in AEW and the CM Punk I saw when he showed up in WWE. Two different people, two different shows, two different businesses. There are two different approaches to the product. One would not draw a dime or increase television revenues, which was true. It was absolutely true and accurate. And one, as of right now, two different situations completely,” said Eric Bischoff.

Bischoff claimed that WWE has successfully brought back CM Punk and that it has also worked creatively. However, given Punk’s controversial past, he hopes the company exercises caution.

What is your opinion on the deleted post by CM Punk? Would you prefer him to wear long pants? Let us know in the comments below!

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