Cody Rhodes sets new merchandise record, outshining John Cena at Payback

Cody Rhodes, aka The American Nightmare, has become one of the most popular WWE superstars in recent times. He is very much loved and respected by fans for his in-ring persona. There are only a handful of stars on the roster who could rival him in terms of fan recognition.

However, Cody has surprised the whole WWE Universe as he topped the merchandise sale at the recent WWE Payback 2023. Along the way, he surpassed many big names in merchandise sales at Payback.

Cody Rhodes leads Payback merchandise sales

WWE Payback 2023 was one of the most successful events of the year, with some fantastic bouts and segments. Not to forget, this was the first time John Cena hosted a premium live event, which generated huge hype for the event. Despite Cena’s great hype for the show, he didn’t top the merchandise sales at this year’s Payback.

As per Fightful Select’s report, Cody Rhodes topped the merchandise sales for Payback. He sold the most non-generic merchandise at the event, thereby topping the sales, making John Cena rank 2nd and LA Knight rank 3rd. The media reported that this was very rare, as whenever new merchandise from John Cena is launched, it is expected to be a hot seller, especially when the old items are dropped.

Rhodes gains popularity as the next John Cena

Cody Rhodes quietly became the reincarnation of John Cena that WWE so desperately desired for a long time. Upon his arrival from the rival promotion AEW, there has barely ever been anyone who has fit so perfectly into the WWE.

Son of the American Dream, Cody Rhodes was always meant to be a top wrestler. And while it took him time to reach WWE’s peak, he looks a complete natural under the limelight like John Cena. In his current role and in the way WWE has presented Cody since his return from AEW, there is a resonance with John Cena, who has in recent years transitioned into a part-time schedule.

Cody has sports entertainment running in his veins, and anyone who watched his interactions with Paul Heyman on WrestleMania 39 will be aware of the same.

Do you think Cody Rhodes will be able to hold the torch passed by John Cena? Let us know in the comment section below!

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