Cody Rhodes speaks out on Vince McMahon’s alleged sex-trafficking accusations: “You have to be truthful”

Wrestler Cody Rhodes was surprised to hear the recent accusations against Vince McMahon. Rhodes has known McMahon since his dad, the legendary Dusty Rhodes, was wrestling. He’s always looked up to McMahon as a close friend of the family.

The WWE superstar spoke out about the recent lawsuit against Vince McMahon. In an interview with Ariel Helwani, the 38-year-old wrestler revealed his honest opinion on the whole situation. This is the first time fans have heard from Rhodes about the lawsuit since McMahon stepped down from WWE.

Cody Rhodes details key points in Vince McMahon’s accusations

WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes opened up about the sex trafficking allegations against former CEO Vince McMahon in a recent interview on MMA Hour. When asked for his thoughts, Cody emphasized the importance of honesty in high-profile situations like this. He believes everyone involved should be truthful so that the legal process can run smoothly and whoever is responsible is held accountable.

“You have to be truthful in those moments, you really do. I think everybody that night was attempting to be truthful in their own way, but sometimes you have to call it what it is and not shy away from it. But I’m glad I was able to answer that”, said Rhodes via the MMA Tour.

Mr. McMahon, the former executive chairman as well as a board member of WWE-parent TKO Group Holdings, officially resigned from his position on January 26, 2024. The lawsuit filed accused Vince of sexually abusing, assaulting, and trafficking former WWE employee Janel Grant to other company executives.

Cody Rhodes also revealed that people should not blame Janel Grant and let the law find the truth. He said, “It’s very important that you don’t shame the accuser. People are quick to do that sometimes. I also am not a legal personnel, I’m not in law enforcement of any kind. I like to see it play out from a legal and court situation.”

Cody Rhodes once revealed his crazy friendship with Vince McMahon

A few years back, Cody Rhodes shared his crazy experience of how he tried to make himself stand out from Vince McMahon. The said athlete revealed that he was not like his brother, “The Bizarre One” Dustin Rhodes, or his father “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes in terms of capability as a wrestler.

Cody further added that Vince was pissed with his family, as his brother and father abruptly left during their tenure with the company. He claimed that McMahon had pre-designed his persona even before they met and that’s how he slowly got his stamp.

‘The American Nightmare’ further added that Vince was a completely different person when not in public. Cody said that the former Chairman of the WWE had jokes ready all the time and that his shoulder pops up whenever talking with someone for the first time.

WWE fans are excited for Cody’s WrestleMania 40 match-up against the Anoaʻi family. This fight will decide the future course of action for the company and if Cody were to win the ‘Show of Shows’ then that would shake the entire landscape of the industry.

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