Cody Rhodes’ wife Brandi Rhodes teases the idea of hitting Jade Cargill with “crossrhodes” amid rumors of WWE joining

Former TBS Champion and AEW star Jade Cargill has been making headlines for the past couple of days due to rumors of her switching over to WWE once her contract with AEW expires. In today’s latest news, WWE star Cody Rhodes’ wife, Brandi Rhodes, has teased a potential bout with Cargill after she is done with AEW.

Brandi Rhodes is a former AEW star and the Chief Branding Officer of the promotion. However, she quit the promotion following her husband’s departure from the company. Since then, Brandi hasn’t appeared in the ring and has focused on her family for the time being. She has teased her return a couple of times since then but seems content with her duty as a mother for now.

Brandi Rhodes reacts to facing Jade Cargill

Following the reports of Jade Cargill potentially joining WWE once her contract with AEW expires, Brandi Rhodes commented on the possibility of them facing each other in the future. If Cargill is indeed on her way to the Stamford-based promotion, it would be entirely possible for Brandi to follow her to WWE as well. What’s more, her husband Cody Rhodes currently performs under the promotion and is one of the top stars in the company.

Brandi Rhodes recently replied to a post on X(formerly Twitter) where it was suggested that WWE Chief Content Officer Triple H should bring in both Brandi and Jade in the company and have them face off against each other. The post also mentioned a segment between the two women, which showed them engaging in trash talk against each other. This moment was from early in Jade’s career when she made her debut by trash-talking Brandi’s husband, Cody Rhodes. Brandi stood up for her husband, and the two women went on to have a fantastic back-and-forth.

Brandi Rhodes commented on the post, stating that although she isn’t interested in making a comeback in the ring anytime soon, she would still ‘Crossrhodes’ Jade Cargill if the two ever came face to face. It’s worth noting that they never got to face each other in the ring in AEW. Although the chances of Brandi Rhodes returning to WWE don’t look very likely, there’s still always a possibility.

Jade Cargill rumored to join WWE

Jade Cargill is one of the most prominent female wrestlers in the world of professional wrestling. She was undefeated in AEW for a long time and was the TBS champion for over 500 days. Now that her contract with AEW is about to expire, she is rumoured to be switching over to the promotion’s rival, WWE.

It has been reported by several credible sources that once Jade Cargill’s contract is up with AEW, she will join the Stamford-based promotion. Since then, fans have pondered where she should start once she joins the company. Some prefer that she starts in NXT, while others clamor for her to debut directly on the main roster.

Recent reports suggest that Triple H apparently has plans for the superstar to debut on the main roster. A star of Jade Cargill’s caliber could have a massive impact on WWE’s Women’s Division and would be the perfect challenger for the undefeated Women’s World Champion, Rhea Ripley. Stay tuned for further updates on Jade Cargill’s potential move to WWE.


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