Cowboys’ Micah Parsons calls NFL contract system a “scam” after Josh McDaniels firing

By dint of Micah Parsons’ redoubtable defensive erudition, the Dallas Cowboys turned out as one of the best contenders for the Super Bowl this season, topping the NFC division. Aside from his on-field footing prowess, the defensive protagonist loves to keep himself voicing in the off-field matters that lead him not to sit rest.

After charging the national media outlet as big bullies, this time Parsons got the national football league as his target to shoot a blow disparaging the league’s contract system in reference to the sacking event of Las Vegas Raiders’ coach Josh McDaniels.

Parsons takes aim at the NFL’s lack of fully guaranteed contracts

The Raiders came out as the first team of the season to dismiss their head coach due to his failure to lead them to a winning run this season, in which hope they brought him last season. 

Nevertheless, news that disheartened the linebacker was the contract scheme of the NFL that allows the coaches to be delighted with unexampled contract security over the players. claims the NFL is the lone league among the major North American sports leagues that is not concerned about all the players’ contract safety while offering only a bunch of players with fully guaranteed contracts.

In reply to the Raiders’ head coach news, Micah Parsons bawled out the NFL contract process, retorting a “scam”.

“But players can’t get fully guaranteed money lol !! Shit a scam !”

McDaniels was enjoying his second season of a six-year contract worth nearly $10 million per year prior to his firing. Fortunately, the head coach is slated to welcome the full contracted money in spite of leaving Las Vegas with a 9-16 record. 

How much is Micah Parsons’s Cowboys contract?

Though, Micah Parsons demonstrated his frustration over the contract arrangements of the NFL for their players regarding fully guaranteed contracts, the 22-year-old himself is in the third year of a fully guaranteed four-year deal worth $17,079,000.

The deal led him to pocket approximately $2.2 million in base salary this season. The Penn State player’s contract comes with a fifth-year option that the Dallas team can pick up until May 1, 2024.

Micah Parsons
Sports Illustrated

Since his rookie season, Parsons showcased his magical foot power as a formidable asset for the Cowboy’s defense. Even prior to the Cowboys showdown with the Sam Francisco 49ers, famous American rapper Lil Wayne once claimed that the Cowboys possess only one arsenal in Micah to battle against the vigorous team.

What’s your opinion on Micah Parsons’ take on the NFL’s contract scheme?

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