CM Punk teases his next stop amid genuine interest from TNA

The rumors of CM Punk’s return to WWE were put to rest a few weeks ago when reports came out that WWE had apparently denied Punk’s offer to return. This left fans concerned about Punk’s career in the sports industry. However, the Chicago-born star recently dropped some hints about his next career move.

Following a bunch of controversies and a series of backstage altercations, AEW President Tony Khan publicly terminated CM Punk’s contract with the company on September 1. Since then, it has been heavily rumored that Punk is on his way back to WWE.

TNA reportedly interested in CM Punk

In a recent interview, Impact Wrestling (TNA) President Scott D’Amore talked about the possibility of CM Punk potentially joining their company in the near future.

D’Amore spoke with PWMania about The Second City Saint recently visiting their PPV, Bound for Glory. He said that although Punk was not there on official business, the two parties may potentially work together in the future.

“It’s not a secret, CM Punk was backstage the day after Bound for Glory”, said Scott D’Amore. “That’s nothing new. He was backstage earlier this year when he was under contract at AEW and they were just getting ready for the debut of Collision, so we have a pretty open policy. If you want to come by and visit, as long as you’re respectful to our crew, you will be respected.”

He further said, “He was a pleasure to have when he came around, so is there a possibility he is here in the future? You never know. Is there going to be a place for veteran talent and senior talent in TNA Wrestling? Of course, you know, the value can’t be understated of good senior veteran talent right now with name recognition and drawability as well. The door is open.”

Punk makes TNA reference

Although he has kept a relatively low profile ever since his firing from AEW, CM Punk has been appearing for some commentary gigs here and there. He recently appeared at Cage Fighting Fury Championship MMA. While doing commentary, the former AEW star made a few comments and references to his former company and TNA.

During commentary at a point in the show, the CEO of the promotion, Rob Haydak, was present with Punk and announcer John Morgan. Morgan made some comments about ‘Total Nonstop Action’, referring to the promotion where Punk recently visited. When he made these comments, the Chicago-born superstar was seen raising his eyebrows.

This could either be a subtle reference from CM Punk on his next potential career move, or it might be him simply poking fun at the fans and keeping them guessing. It should be interesting to see where Punk eventually lands in the future.


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