Damian Priest: why is he yet to cash in his Money In The Bank contract?

Since July 1, 2023, Money in the Bank holder Damian Priest has possessed his Money in the Bank briefcase, but he has yet to utilize it to contest any titles. Despite several opportunities, he still hasn’t taken advantage of them. Many are now wondering when he will finally act.

Much has changed on WWE RAW in the seven months following his Money in the Bank victory. The timing of Damian Priest’s contract cash-out has been the subject of much fan speculation. He recently revealed the unexpected rationale for his decision to retain the Money in the Bank deal.

Why is Damian Priest not cashing in his MITB contract?

With the Money in the Bank briefcase in his possession, Damian Priest should pose a serious challenge to any men’s championship in WWE if given the chance. Despite this, he has failed in five tries to cash in and has instead been entangled in humorous situations.

People are wondering why Priest hasn’t used his contract yet, even though he won the Money in the Bank contest last year. ‘Archer of Infamy’ has been unsuccessful in his attempts to cash in on Seth Rollins on several occasions.

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Recently, Priest was the target of fan wrath for passing up a golden opportunity. At this point, he has articulated his choice. He detailed his plan in a conversation with West Sport.

The 41-year WWE superstar is patiently waiting for the perfect chance to cash in while Rollins is out with a medical condition. To prevent making the same mistakes, he emphasized the need to be patient.

Despite his history of defeats, Priest remains adamant about winning the championship and is looking to WrestleMania as a possible turning moment. Many major events and title bouts are yet to come on WWE’s calendar and he has only 142 Days left to cash in his Money In The Bank contract. So fans are holding out hope that he will eventually use his MITB contract to challenge for the championship.

How many MITB winners have failed to win?

Unpredictability and excitement have been introduced to WWE via the Money in the Bank briefcase. Prize money may be cashed in for a championship bout within one year after the event.

The idea, first proposed by Chris Jericho in 2005, has several wrestlers competing in a ladder match for the briefcase. Survivor Series is now second in viewership behind the MITB PPV.

Edge started a pattern of 23 out of 28 successful cash-ins by becoming the first winner to do so. But not all winners make it; Mr. Kennedy and Otis, for example, both misplaced their briefcases and never got their hands on the winnings.

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The year 2007 stands out since it was the year Mr. Kennedy did not cash in his contract. Although John Cena had proclaimed his intention to cash in ahead of time against CM Punk, he ended up losing the bout.

Also, Baron Corbin’s effort to cash in on SmackDown Live by costing John Cena a bout against Jinder Mahal was unsuccessful. Similar opportunities to create history were passed up by Daniel Bryan and Damien Sandow.

In light of what’s to come, do you believe that Damian Priest can cash in his briefcase against Seth Rollins? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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